Best study abroad cities

What Study Abroad City are You?

July 29, 2016

Whether it’s a summer at sea or a full-semester in London, studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Yet, with so many wonderful destinations out there, deciding where to go is sometimes the hardest part. While this is by no means a hard and fast guideline, we at Let’s Go rounded up five cities for every travel style. Which one are you!?

If you’re a culture seeker…go to Florence

Other good matches: Paris, Moscow, Ubud

Hopeless romantics take note; Florence is one of those dream-like cities we’ve read about in fairy tales…except, of course, it exists! Home to operas, fairs, festivals, fashionistas, and culinary treats, it’s almost as if Florence was designed for culture seekers. Whether strolling through the city’s narrow, cobbled streets or toasting to friends and good views from a balcony bar, Florence has a special magic that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, it’s a quick train ride to Milan in the north and Rome in the south.

If you’re a night owl…go to Buenos Aires

Other good matches: Rio de Janeiro, Mykonos, Bangkok

You don’t have to be a night owl to fully appreciate Buenos Aires, but it sure helps. Argentina’s capital, along with many other South American cities, has a definite late-night culture. Most locals wouldn’t even consider leaving for dinner before, say 10pm. Not only will you master Spanish, which by the way, is the official language in 21 different countries, you’ll see the world as Porteños do. Whether taking a tango dance class or writing your thesis paper at a cafe, the non-stop energy here is contagious.

If you’re a city slicker…go to Hong Kong

Other good matches: New York, London, Dubai

If you want to experience all that big cities have to offer, Hong Kong is your new home. As one of the world’s biggest business hubs, you’ll meet people from far corners of the globe morning, noon and night. Hong Kong might have an innovative culinary scene and impressively sleek skyscrapers but there’s plenty of open space, too. Hiking trails are sometimes literally in your own backyard while beaches and waterfalls are a short subway ride away. The New Territories have plenty of other hidden gems. In short, it’s the perfect home for the city slicker.

If you love neighborhoods…go to Tel Aviv

Other good matches: Berlin, Helsinki, San Francisco

Just because you’re moving to a new city doesn’t mean you can’t have that “small town” feel you so crave. Cities like Tel Aviv are incredibly diverse, with each neighborhood unique in its own right. Jaffa is one of the oldest areas in the entire world but don’t let that fool you. Within this walled city, you’ll find modern art galleries, a bustling Flea Market and flavorful street food. For something a bit more hipster, head to rags-to-riches Florentin. With comparisons to New York’s SoHo, Florentin is the new “it” neighborhood.

If you’re a beach bum…go to Cape Town

Other good matches: Barcelona, Los Angeles, Sydney

You might spend your days hitting the books but by the weekend, you’ve got beach on the brain. Cape Town is ranked among the continent’s best beach destinations and for good reason. If you’re planning a picnic or working on your tan, Clifton Beaches are a safe bet. For beach volleyball and sunset cocktails, head to Camps Bay for a laid-back afternoon. Come surf time, catch a few waves at Llandudno. Of course, there’s a lot more to Cape Town than Vitamin Sea, so don’t forget about Table Mountain or nearby Stellenbosch wine region.

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