Travel Hacks For How to Avoid Jet Lag On Your Flights

August 1, 2015

I’m excited for you! You’re heading to an exciting travel location, your luggage is packed, and your itinerary printed. But have you readied your body against the dreaded ravages of jet lag symptoms? Unfortunately, there is no cure for jet lag symptoms. With the proper preparation, though, you can learn how to beat jet lag so that you can enjoy your travel time!

What is Jet Lag?

If you’ve never felt jet lagged on your travels,  I envy your blessed life. For those of us who have woken with bleary eyes, insomnia, fatigue, or any of the other awful jet lag symptoms that come from switching times zones – I am sorry! Jet lag is merely the stressful confusion that your body goes through when you switch from different time zones.

There is good news! With the right preparation and proper planning, you can avoid the worst of the jet lag drag and enjoy your vacation or business trip! Here are our top tips for how to beat jet lag so that you can enjoy blissful rest on your travels.

How To Avoid Jet Lag Before Your Flight

According to the experts, flying east is rougher on your body than flying to the west. If you’re heading east, here are some tips to start getting your body ready. Feel free to follow this advice if you’re flying west towards the setting sun.

First, figure out if you want your body to stay on your local time, or if you want to switch to the time-zone that you are flying to. Flight attendants advise that you switch over to your destination’s time-zone only if you plan on staying there longer than four day.

Are you switching over? The best thing to do is to start heading to bed earlier. Try going to sleep an hour or two sooner than you normally do – it’ll make it easier on yourself once you’re in a new place.

Once you’re all packed and ready to dash to the airport, make sure that you schedule time for your normal workout. Keeping to your regular schedule relaxes your body. Not only will you release natural endorphins that’ll make your flight more pleasant, but you’ll also make it easier for yourself to fall asleep during your flight.

How To Avoid Jet Lag On Your Flight

Water is your best friend! It may be tempting to take advantage of the complimentary sodas and not-so-complimentary liquor, but these drinks tend to dehydrate you and they place further strain your body. Just keep drinking that water and you’ll enjoy your vacation time even more.

Let’s keep that body hydrated – stay away from salt-heavy foods. Bring in your some of your own treats and snack on them throughout your flight. The travel consultants at Harper’s Bazaar recommend that you go with some protein-heavy nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and chicken-based meals. Not only will the frequent snacking keep you energized, but you’ll avoid that uncomfortable heavy feeling that comes after a big meal.

If you’re on a long trip and need to get some shut eye on the flight, there are a few things that you can do. Feel free to move around. Stretch your legs, walk up and down the aisle, go flight-seeing among your fellow passengers. Do whatever it takes to get your body moving.

If you’ve decided to go by your destination’s time zone, avoid any heavy meals after 11pm. Pick a seat on the opposite side of the setting sun. Wear a sleep mask or a pair of sunglasses when it’s time to catch some mid-air shut eye. Try to fall asleep by natural causes! If you have to take a sleeping aid, try a natural substance like melatonin before you take a sleeping pill.

How To Avoid Jet Lag When Your Flight Lands

Finally! The plane’s wheels have touched down and your flight is finally over. Your first step is to acclimate your eyes to the new environment. After all, you’ve been on a long flight for a while and your eyes aren’t used to the amount of sunlight they’re getting! Keep a pair of sunglasses on and stay in the shade until your eyes no longer feel sensitive.

If you do feel some jet lag symptoms, there are some natural remedies for you. You can try these five yoga poses that are designed to overcome jet lag. Not only will you get your blood flowing, you’ll have a chance to stretch out all of your sore limbs. After that long period of time on the plane, your body will thank you.

Feel free to check out this infographic for more travel tips and hacks to avoid getting jet lag symptoms. Good luck, happy travels, and have a restful sleep!

This article was written by Gabriela Barcenas.

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