12 Tips for First-Time Grabr Shoppers

May 23, 2017

Instead of answering your frequently asked questions, we decided to turn to a few of our pro shoppers to do that for you. Whether you’re thinking about using Grabr or about to create an order, here are 12 insider tips on how to make the most of your first experience within our community. 

1) Subscribe to product alerts

One of my tips is to subscribe to all of those webpages of products u are interested in. This allows you to receive alerts of sales, discounts or special offers.” — Alvaro

PRO TIP: If you use Chrome, Honey is a great way to score hidden deals.

2) Take into account taxes and fees

“Consider delivery charges (from Amazon etc) in your price estimate when you create the grab.” — Gareth

PRO TIP: Add the combined total of all taxes and fees to your traveler’s reward so that they bid faster. Plus, it will make for an easy bidding and delivery process.

3) Check for discount codes

Both travelers and shoppers should check for discount codes at pages like retailmenot.com or coupons.com, to receive codes for free shipping, free gifts, 2-for-1 deals and 50% discount.” — Alvaro

4) Go with Amazon

“Using amazon as the platform where you can redirect links for the shopper to buy is the most efficient of all, you have very transparent delivery dates and it usually works very well, also, you have free shipping on many orders.” — Ariel

5) Share specifics with your traveler

“Talk to traveler if the product is hot / has a limited offer / is low on stock. because it will reduce the probability of having to cancel the order because traveler wasn’t quick at buying the item, or maybe shopper accepted the offer after its price discount or whatever.” — Ariel

6) Come to an agreement

“Make sure both you and your traveler agree on the conditions of the delivery of the item (if a traveler will be delivering X item without ‘the box’, make sure both know it before accepting the offer, since in many cases it’s a sensitive matter).” — Ariel

7) Read traveler reviews

“Find a specific date someone will come, or only accept a grab from someone who is clear about the exact date they will come.” — Gareth Finch

8) Establish relationships

“Get in touch with travelers (or shoppers) and establish a relationship so they can bring you more items in the future, in case they visit Buenos Aires (or some of their friends do). This is very useful since Grabr is all about trust.” — Ariel

PRO TIP: As a local in your city, you have some really great travel tips, so don’t be shy about sharing this insider knowledge with your traveler. If time permits, consider grabbing a coffee with your traveler to learn more about their adventures.

9) Set up payment right away

One of the things I would have like knowing is that you need to validate your credit card upon first time charge. Without this validation you cannot proceed until you submit some info related to your CC. — Jesus

10) Buy in bulk

“If you’re planning to buy lots of things on grabr, do it all in one trip, it’d be super easier than doing it in different trips and with different travelers. (you will be saving a lot of time, and getting to know the traveler a little bit more since it’s more important to be delivering a bunch of items instead of 1/2, it takes more responsibility and you will more likely get to talk a little bit more with the traveler).” — Ariel

11) Communicate with your traveler on-the-go

“Use WhatsApp alongside the Grabr messaging portal for more convenient communication when meeting.” — Gareth

PRO TIP: While WhatsApp is commonly used in some countries, it’s a good idea to stick to Grabr’s messenger whenever possible. This way, if a dispute ever arises, we have a written record of it and can help resolve.

12) Remember that your traveler is a person 🙂

“Don’t be in a hurry and do not expect to have things quickly, the process takes time and traveler may have complications or delays on their flight dates or compromises… if you’re going to use Grabr as a shopper, be patience and understand that this is a platform where you make a connection with other people. This isn’t just an Amazon delivery feature.” — Ariel

Ready to become a Grabr shopper? Create your account and start placing offers! 

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