The 18 Best Travel Apps for Flights, Packing, And Trip Planning

August 9, 2015

Traveling the world is exciting. Between planning your trip and keeping your travel documents organized, travel can also be exhausting. With the use of a few good travel apps, you’ll be able to do away with the mess and enjoy the best travel experience. Whether you’re an expert globetrotter or an occasional traveler, our list of the best travel apps and handy trip organizers will make your next journey easier.

Best Travel Trip Organizer

1. TripIt

Keep all of your travel plans organized in one convenient app. Not only can you keep all of your travel documents, flight details, and trip itineraries stored on theTripIt app, but you’ll also be notified of flight delays, cancellations, or gate changes if you chose to opt for the paid plan.

2. Jet Lag Rooster

We’ve mentioned how to avoid jet lag on this blog before, but this helpful iPhonetravel app makes it easy to decide whether or not jet lag is going to be an issue on your trip. Just plug in your destination, the length of the trip, and your normal sleep schedule – Jet Lag Rooster will calculate what the best sleep plan is based on your habits.

Best Trip Planning Apps

3. HotelTonight

This streamlined travel app was designed for mobile use. Simply answer three simple questions and you are immediately provided with a curated list of hand-picked hotels and amazing deals on rooms. Find the app for your iPhone, Android, and Window phone here.

4. SeatGuru

Flying with a new airline? Unsure where to sit? The SeatGuru flight app offers suggestions for the best seats and in-flight amenities based on over 45,000 flier reviews. Enjoy your flight time in comfort from a pre-approved and coveted seat. Find this travel app for your iPhone and Android here.

5. Hopper

Now that you know what seat to take, save money on your next flight by using Hopper. This travel app tracks how airlines alter their flight pricing in order to find you the best deals. Make smart and affordable travel decisions with this travel app’s helpful suggestions on when to fly and buy. Although the Android app is in development, you can find the iPhone app here.

Best Airline and Flight Apps

6. GateGuru

GateGuru is the first app that works to make your day-of travel experience smoother. Not only does this flight app keep track of your scheduled flight’s estimated travel time, it also notifies you of potential flight delays, security wait times, gate changes, layover adjustments, weather forecasts, and airport tips.

7. LoungeBuddy

Did you know that you don’t have to be a First-Class passenger to gain access to popular airport luxury lounges? LoungeBuddy analyses airports to find out what lounges are available for your use based on your memberships and flight itinerary. Download the app on your iPhone, Android, or Kindle here.

Best Packing Apps

8. PackPoint

Never worry about packing the wrong type of clothes and shoes with this handy packing travel app. PackPoint offers traveling suggestions based on your destination’s weather, the length of your travel trip, and your proposed itinerary so that you’re never forced to carry too much or buy a last-minute wardrobe staple.

9. My TSA

With the tightening of airport security, it can be hard to know whether something will make it past the gate. If you’re unsure of what you can and can’t pack, simple check against this official TSA app. My TSA was developed by the government to make your journey through airport security simple.

Best Trip Planners

10. CityMaps2Go

You’re finally at your destination. Don’t miss out on the must see sites of your city.CityMaps2Go by Ulmon lets you discover new places and gets you insider tips. Not only will your ideal spots stay organized within the app’s multifunctional lists, but the offline map keeps you on the right track as you trek to exciting new places.

11. Vayable

Find all of the underground gems and popular travel destinations with Vayable. This travel app consults with the locals of well-known cities to find the best local culture, hidden streets, and unknown history.

12. Peek

If you’re interested in a vacation filled with adventure, pull up the Peek app. This curated app offers deals on hand-picked tours and activities based on your current location. This travel app is ideal to fill up last minute cancellations or large gaps of free time in your travel itinerary.

13. HitList

If you like planning ahead for your journey, download the HitList app. This travel planning app offers you the best deals on flights, hotels, and activities based on your ideal travel destination.

Other Good Travel Apps

14. Grabr

Make a little extra cash on your journey. Grabr lets you pick up and deliver rare goods while you’re traveling. Get on the app or visit the mobile siteand connect with buyers while on your journey so that you can make the most out of your vacation.

15. Open Table

Not sure where to eat? Open Table makes it easy to find local restaurants and make reservations. Just click on your current location, type in what you’re craving, and you’ll be connected with an array of local cuisine.

16. Travelmath

If you’re still in the planning stages of your trip, it can be hard to create a balanced budget. Travelmath is an online calculator that estimates travel costs based on your destination, length of trip, and proposed travel itinerary.

17. TripLingo

With hundreds of different languages and dialects located around the globe, it can be hard to communicate with the locals during your travels. TripLingo gives you full access to 13 languages, partial translations to a further 19 languages, and direct access to a translator for over 180 languages.

18. XE Currency Converter

Don’t confuse your Euros with your Pounds or your Yen with your Dinar. XE Currency Converter makes it easy to understand the value of different currencies so that you walk away from local markets with the best deals.

This article was written by Gabriela Barcenas.

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