9 Ways to Save Luggage Space, Deliver Extra Grabs and Earn More Cash

March 2, 2017

Heading on your first trip with Grabr? Congrats! We’ve rounded up a few expert packing tips to help you save space so that you can deliver more grabs and more money. Whether you’re traveling to Buenos Aires, Vietnam or backpacking through Europe, here are a few easy ways to make the most of the space you have. Happy packing!

Make a list and check it twice

Just like Santa Claus, it’s a good idea to make an actual packing list, whether mental or written. If it helps to visualize, lay out all your items near your suitcase before stuffing things into your bag. In general, you’ll want heavier items like shoes near the bottom of your carry-on or checked bag but also pay attention to oblong shapes. Sometimes it makes the most sense to slip books in between clothing to ensure that the delicate corners don’t bend.

Use empty prescription bottles for storage

If you happen to have an empty prescription bottle lying around, toss it in your suitcase to save some serious space. Cotton swabs, cleansing pads and other small items fit inside, and, with the childproof lock, there’s no chance of your bottle opening unexpectedly mid-flight.

Weekly pill boxes work too, on the off chance there’s no bottle lying around. Just convert each compartment into a jewelry container and you’re good to go. You’ll find that earrings, rings and other small jewelry fit inside. Traveling with delicate earrings? Keep tabs on your study by fastening them through button holes.

A sunglass case keeps your cords untangled

Use your sunglass case to keep your tech cords, smartphone charger and other wires untangled. You can also keep a set of earbuds in there, too. Since sunglass cases tend to be bigger than regular glasses cases, there’s plenty of room to work with without it being too bulky in your carry-on. 

Wrap wine bottles with care

If you’re packing a wine bottle in your checked bag, make sure you have plenty of clothing to act as padding (or actual padding, as pictured below). Also, remember to pack wine bottles in the center of your bag rather than the sides. Why? Well, think about momentum and all that wear and tear that can happen en route. Ever seen airport Baggage Handlers tossing luggage from the cart to the plane? Yeah, that doesn’t end well. Impact like that can make your bottle break and spill all over your clothes.

Breath mint holder for storing bobby pins

Don’t recycle your breath mint holder just yet. These tiny containers definitely come in handy. You can fit a ton of bobby pins in there, which will save you some room in your makeup bag.

A straw protect necklaces from knots

The next time you’re heading to the grocery store, pick up a pack of straws. Necklaces always have a way of tangling up when you travel, and straws are a quick fix. Don’t have a straw on hand? You can achieve the same result by setting you jewelry between two sheets of plastic wrap. This way, they won’t move around in your suitcase, thus avoiding the tangled mess.

Roll your clothes rather than fold

It might sound counter-intuitive, but rolling your clothes rather than folding them ultimately saves space.

Then, as soon as you arrive to your hotel, you can unpack and hang your dress shirts in the closet to help remove wrinkles.

Shower cap keeps dirt off clothing

Even though most hotels offer shower caps as part of their amenity kits, consider bringing a few from home that you won’t use on your head. The elastic band stretches to the size of your shoes, keeping them confined. You could always place your shoes inside a bag as well, but shower caps are thinner than most materials and therefore, take up the least amount of space. 

Use clothing as padding

In our first packing tips piece, we mentioned that clothing can be used as padding and in this piece, we’re going to give you concrete examples. Socks are idea for keeping smaller items safe, especially glass containers like perfumes. You can also use the space inside your shoes for must-have products like sunscreen and Aloe vera.

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