Coolest 20 grabs on Grabr

Our 20 Coolest Grabs To Date

August 28, 2016

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about our global customers, it’s that no two grabs are the same.

To celebrate our official US launch earlier this month, we’ve rounded up 20 of our coolest (if not a little weird) grabs to date.

1) Rainbow Bagels from Brooklyn

These Rainbow Bagels from The Bagel Store don’t just look pretty; they taste great, too. Even better, you can order the cream cheese and sprinkles to go!

2) Kentucky Whiskey

This $129 bottle of whiskey from Louisville, Kentucky made its way all the way to San Francisco. We hope this shopper appreciated every…last…drop.

3) Balinese Harem Pants

Dreaming of beautiful Bali? Kiersten of The Blonde Abroad was too so she went there and picked up a ton of these harem pants to bring back for fans.

4) DJI Phantom 4 Drone

…because there’s no shame in upping your Drone game.

5) Cupcake Toothpaste

Don’t mess with a girl and her Cupcake…said the expat who ordered this candy-colored toothpaste.

6) Sand from Bora Bora

All sand is not created equal…clearly! One couple ordered a jar of sand from Bora Bora where they had honeymooned a few years prior. 👙

7) DJ Equipment

One user even delivered a Behringer iNUKE NU4‑6000 Power Amplifier (not pictured). We can’t wait to hear the sick beats he played that night.

8) Daydream Notification Ring

Calling all daydreamers! This RINGLY Daydream Notification Ring is as inspiring as it is innovative. Perfect for fashion-forward techies.


9) Flexible Lunchbox

…you’re welcome 🙂 This is one product we never knew existed and now we don’t know how we’ve lived without it.

10) Skis

The same Grabr user who delivered DJ equipment also took care of these skis. How exactly did she manage that? Find out tomorrow on our blog.

11) BB-8 Droid

Nerd alert. This BB-8 app-enabled Droid is the perfect addition to your Star Wars collection, don’t you think.

12) Donut Float

Summer’s not over just yet! This donut float might give you a sudden craving for sweets but a little indulgence never hurt nobody.

13) Wedding Hair Clip

Not all grabs are gadgets and munchies; many items hit a little closer to the one-of-a-kind hair clip one woman ordered for her BIG day.

14) Summer Infant Step-By-Step Potty Trainer

While some items, like donut floats, are a special indulgence, other items are much more functional. We hope the little tike who got this fancy potty trainer passed his class with flying colors. 🌈

15) a Jar of Air

To be fair, this was a giveaway but this jar of air is inspired by tapas from Madrid. Now, who’s hungry?!

16) Pokémon GO Plus

Gotta catch ’em all! With this Pokémon GO Plus, your phone can go back to being just your phone.

17) Cuban Cigars

We’re not saying smoking is cool but these Cuban Cigars are a pretty perfect souvenir from Havana. Luckily, Scott Eddy was in town to pick them all up.

18) a Virtual Reality set

If Pokémon GO is any indication, virtual reality (or, augmented reality, at least) is the next big thing. So, the next time you can’t hop on a plane, take a virtual tour instead!

19) Piping Tips

This picture doesn’t really do it justice but we’re fairly confident baking pros like Taylor Swift would make some pretty amazing cupcakes with these little guys.

20) Oreo Churros

If deciding between churros and Oreos is a deal breaker, this sweet treat is for you. Would you dare try this combo? We’re on the fence.

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