#THELIST : An Exclusive Guide to Paris Gifts from Bloggers

December 1, 2015

By now, we’re hoping you have seen our Paris wish list. Inspired by the romance of Christmas in the City of Lights, we chose our must-haves for this holiday season. After sharing it with a few of our favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers, we decided to make ANOTHER e-book! This one is full of recommendations from Paris pros – these stylish ladies know the Paris shopping scene well and wanted to provide you with even more gift inspiration. Shop the full list here!

Below, you’ll find a sample item from each of the five bloggers featured in the e-book. Prepare to be obsessed!

1. Shot from the Street

Smythson Agenda 2016 – $74 – Order on Grabr here

2. From Hats to Heels

Ladurée Macarons Box Sets – $34 – Order on Grabr here

3. by Anna

 CELINE Knot Bracelet – $585 – Order on Grabr here

4. This Way by Pallesen 

Chloe Fey Small Leather and Suede Shoulder Bag – $1036 – Order on Grabrhere

5. Frassy

Maison Michel Hat – $721 – Order on Grabr here

 Get the Full List Here

Once you add a few items to your wish list, order them on Grabr! We’ll connect you with travelers headed from Paris to your city. Don’t forget to join our promo to score free delivery on your first order! 

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