The No-Fly List: 6 Items that Won’t Make it on your Flight

June 7, 2017

Grabr travelers take note! If you’re sailing the skies anytime soon, make sure that you’re not packing any of these no-fly items. Some of these you’ve probably heard before but there are a few surprises, too. Pack smart and stay safe.

Hoverboards and segways

While riding your hoverboard down the airplane aisle might sound cool, you won’t get very far. All sorts of vehicles, from unicycles to segways, aren’t permitted on planes. This includes both your carry-on luggage and you’re checked bag. Since the battery of these vehicles might cause fire during the flight, they’re strictly banned for safety purposes.

If you absolutely must travel with your segway, you can mark it as “dangerous goods,” ahead of time. Be warned, this comes with a ton of additional restrictions and extra charges. A much better alternative is to leave your set at home and sign up for a segway tour in your destination city. They can be pretty fun.

100 ml containers  

We’ve probably all heard the 3.0 fluid-ounce liquid rule (or 100 ml), but remember that all your carry-on liquids have to fit inside a ziploc bag. Truth be told, some TSA agents are stricter about this than others, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re traveling with an expensive set of beauty products, whether for your hair, skin or nails, make sure you’ve followed these set liquid amounts. Having to throw away your favorite toothpaste or face cream during the security line because you didn’t pay attention to the label is not the best way to start a trip.

Sharp objects

Any sharp objects with a blade of more than 6 cm are not allowed in your carry-on bag. The reason is that any of these objects, whether a knife or pair of scissors, can be used as a weapon. Even knitting needles, which appear innocent enough, are prohibited in some cases. The takeaway? Sharp items are better suited for checked luggage so that they don’t accidentally hurt someone. 

Copies of guns, firearms and weapons

This might sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by the amount of children boarding planes with all sorts of toy weapons. While they’re not always confiscated, just know that it might happen. In short, the more realistic looking the toy, the higher the chances are it will be taken away. Besides toy guns sometimes acting as weapons, the presence of one, regardless of whether it’s real, is disconcerting to passengers.

As an extra precaution, make sure to research what is and is not allowed in your destination city. We recently had a traveler mistakenly accept a bid on a riflescope for a shopper in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Unfortunately, it was confiscated upon arrival. Knowing this info ahead of time will save you both time and effort.

High-capacity power bank

Luckily, most planes making international journeys these days have power banks built into the design. For shorter flights, you’re best bet is to charge your electronics beforehand. That said, many portable chargers are still okay to board a plane with, but beware of high-capacity power banks in your carry-on or checked bag. Typically, we’re talking 10,000 mAh and up. If you’re not sure if yours passes the test, check the restrictions with your airline in advance.


Skydiving is an awesome adventure to have once you’re safety in your destination but don’t make the mistake of packing one in your luggage. Curious as to why? Well, it’s not from fear that a passenger will jump out of the plane mid-flight, although we can’t say that that hasn’t crossed anyone’s mind.

The real reason is a practical one. Parachutes are equipped with explosive charge for emergency opening. As such, this is dangerous and may lead to a fire, even if someone accidentally touches it in the overhead compartment. As far as we know, training parachutes are alright to bring along. 

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*This post was inspired by an article written by Konstantin Parfenenok, СЕО, that appeared on our Russian blog. Our SF team have re-worked it for clarity. 

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