My Perfect Day In London: An Affordable And Creative Way To Have Fun

September 19, 2015

London is a glorious city that can offer a lot of opportunities to spend an amazing day. Although it is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world, you don’t really need to spend ridiculous amounts of money to have fun, however you do need to be careful to not find yourself at the end of the day at the rooftop of Mondrian hotel buying the fourth 14-quid cocktail from your credit card.

On a weekend I always like to start my day at Borough Market, whatever touristy and crowded it sometimes gets, there is this one stall I can never pass without buying some oysters and a glass of prosecco (1,5£ for an oyster, 3£ for prosecco).

It’s always funny to ask the guy who sells the oysters whether it’s safe to eat them in this time of the year, and that you heard that French oysters are safer, he would dramatically roll his eyes, yell “Then go to f**king France!” and almost throw a dish at you. Venison burgers and scallops that they make are also delicious.

Tate Modern is just a few minutes walk away from the market along the Thames, they have an interesting permanent exhibition which is free of charge. However, if you don’t mind spending 20£, I’d suggest checking one of their other exhibition depending on what is on. V&A museum is the other option, on the way there from Tate you’ll see all the main London’s attractions like Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, also it is hard not to spend the whole day at the museum just strolling through its halls.

Curzon Mayfair

Curzon Mayfair
While still in Central London it’s always nice to watch a film at Curzon Mayfair (15£), the most beautiful cinema in the city; and go to Japan Centre in Piccadilly, the hidden Japanese food supermarket which sells fresh and cheap sushi and also other extremely weird Japanese products like cucumber-flavoured Pepsi, or something you might have heard about on TV.

One of the things about this city which I would never understand, but you may want to do, if you’re in a group of people, is having a barbecue at London Fields park. Imagine a tiny spot of dirt and burnt grass, a thousand East Londoners and their dogs literally sitting on each other, smoke from hundreds of barbecues and smell of delicious sausages from Tesco. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Also it’s amazing that you can drink literally anywhere, unless there is a tiny plate hidden somewhere in the bushes saying that you may be fined 500£.

If it’s a Saturday night, you may want to go to Hackney Wick. Just follow the sound to sneak in to someone’s house party, where you can either have a nap or make lots of new friends. Or if there is a World Unknown on this weekend go South the river to this abandoned pub in Camberwell and spend a night dancing in a sweaty and absolutely dark (I mean no lights at all) basement, but people who attend these parties are a bit weird, so you may just end up in a nearby park doing yoga at 6AM with all of them.

Tell us about you favorite London activities in the comments below.

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This article was written by Jamie Martovoy.

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