8 Insider Tips from Grabr’s Top Travelers

May 2, 2017

After compiling our most asked questions for travelers, from travelers, we decided to go a step further. Scroll below for 6 insider tips from a few of our top Grabr travelers.

1) Offer to deliver more items

“If your shopper has accepted your offer for one item, let them know that you are available to deliver more grabs if there is any other items they want. Most times, shoppers are more than happy to have the same traveler delivery multiple grabs because it’s easier and less time consuming.” — Megan

2) Update your shopper on how you’ll be packing their item

“Be sure you let the shopper know if you orderer, received the item they’re requesting, and in what conditions. Usually I remove the packaging because it’s bulky and difficult to fit in my suitcase, so I alert the shopper ahead of time so that he/she isn’t surprised. If it’s something delicate or a collectible, I try to leave the grabs in their original packaging.” — Megan

Here are some expert tips on packing like a Grabr pro.

3) Contact shoppers ahead of time

“There are many shoppers that actually forget about their order and don’t reach out until later, therefore it’s hard to set a meeting time. I had to leave one or two items (of shoppers who forgot) with my friends in Hanoi and deliver to them later on.” — Thao Pham

4) Block off a time to meet

“It’s easier to set up a meeting time on your arrival day so you can have more time to do your own thing in the city rather than running back and forth during the whole trip just to deliver one item.” — Thao Pham

5) Be patient with impatience

“Don’t worry too much about the insistence of the shoppers. People in general are impatient and if you don’t have patience back, the conversations with the shoppers can end in tension.” – Teby

6) Get organized

“Be organized at the time of delivery. The first thing I do when I arrive at the hotel is to take everything out of the luggage and label everything by name. That makes everything easier.” – Teby

7) Remind your shopper to confirm delivery

“Ask shoppers to confirm delivery and give you a rating during your meeting. This way, your payment is on the way and you won’t run the risk of having your shopper forget to confirm delivery.” — Ariel

8) Ask your shopper for local tips

“Shoppers are usually very happy that you can bring item to them, if you need information like: where to stay, local hidden gems, what to do, where to go out, etc. you can ask them, they will very gladly help you.” — Ariel

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