Pay for your trip with Grabr

How to Pay for Half your Trip with Grabr

November 22, 2016

Winter is coming and we can’t think of a better excuse to jetset across the globe. The holidays can be expensive, what with all those epic items you are gifting your friends and family, but don’t let your empty bank account get you down. You can pay for at least HALF of your trip with Grabr. Yes, #truestory!

Here’s how to earn more and spend less with Grabr

Choose your destination wisely

If you’re looking to earn as many Traveler Rewards as possible, be smart about where you travel. While shoppers request items from all over the world, there are certain cities that are more active than others, which translates to more money in your travel fund. So, before booking your ticket, sift through current orders.

As of right now, South America is high on the list, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in particular. Moscow is another very active city for Grabr users, as is Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. So, basically, you have your pick among South America, Europe and South East Asia. Not a bad predicament!

But be flexible with your travel plans

While you should be picky about your destination, be a bit more flexible with your own travel plans. Of course, this isn’t always possible, especially if you are traveling during winter break or limited to a five-day vacation from work, but make it your goal. Why? Well, the more flexible you are, the more you’ll save.

Instead of booking the first available flight and hotel, do your research. Compare flights across multiple airlines, test out different departure and arrival days and consider adding an extra leg to your journey to cut costs. Rather than booking a hotel in the center of town, consider a home rental located in a well-connected neighborhood via public transportation.

Maximize your potential earnings

With your rewards high and your costs low, you’re already set up for success. The next step is securing all of your deliveries. Don’t be shy about messaging a shopper directly via the Grabr platform; you’ll find that more often than not, this actually increases your chances of acceptance, which speeds up the overall process.

That said, don’t necessarily take the low-ball offer. Remember that YOU are the one traveling with these items, so make sure to account for overweight luggage charges, taxes and custom fees. Usually, the shopper is happy to pay a little extra for the extra effort it’s going to take on your end.

Pack like a boss

Once you’re all set with your deliveries, the next step is to get them from Point A to point B. If you’re traveling to a warm weather destination (our winter is South America’s summer), you’re a step ahead. Summer clothing takes up less space in your suitcase and you can use t-shirts and shorts as padding for gadgets.

Before stuffing everything into your suitcase, take an inventory of everything you have. A bottle of wine should be placed in the center of the suitcase and away from the edges. For items like shoes, handbags and tech gear, save space by removing them from their original packaging. Then you can consolidate the cardboard packaging and re-wrap at your hotel.

It’s also a smart idea to keep valuable items, whether your own or a shopper’s, in your hand luggage—so, iPhones, jewelry and the like.

Ask your shopper for local recommendations

Most members of our global community love traveling as much as you do so take advantage of their expertise! We’ve heard so many stories about Grabr travelers hitting up the best bars and restaurants all thanks to their shopper’s insider tips. They’ll have the inside scoop on pretty much every aspect of your trip, from where to stay to where to feast.

So, after you’ve delivered your items in a public space, ask for a tip or two. While we can’t guarantee any free events or meals, you’ll definitely save some spending money. Maybe it’s a corner bar that has a two-for-one happy hour deal or a local designer shop that’s having a crazy clearance sale—you just never know.

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