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How to be a Grabr Pro like Scott Eddy

July 18, 2016

Keeping up with Scott Eddy is all part of the fun and his whirlwind wanders aren’t stopping anytime soon. With more than one million social media followers and quite the collection of passport stamps, we can’t get enough into his epic adventures on the road.

Scott has lived all over the world—from his hometown of Miami to Portugal, the UK, Spain, the Philippines and Thailand. We caught up with Scott to hear about his first experience using Grabr.

Whether you’re a first time traveler or a seasoned expat like Scott, here are 5 ways to travel like a Grabr pro. 

1) Master logistics for more travel time

I travel full-time, which means a lot of border-hopping and quick, weekend stays. As such, I’ve learned that time is beyond valuable, especially for first time visits to a major city like Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I’ve traveled Asia fairly extensively but Ho Chi Minh City was a new one for me and I wanted to make the most of it.

Before landing at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, I pre-arranged all my deliveries via the Grabr app. The chat functionality works similar to other texting platforms so it’s super intuitive. I primarily used the desktop version pre-trip and stuck to my phone after landing. I wasn’t sure how jet-lagged I’d be, so I decided to set up all my deliveries in my hotel lobby. It was central and an easy meeting spot but it’s up to you where you choose to make your deliveries, whether at famous landmarks, hip cafes or neighborhood restaurants.

2) Expect the unexpected (Grabs)

One of the main reasons people use Grabr is to get items that they don’t otherwise have access to, so expect the unexpected! It’s usually the ridiculously small things that are requested most, like iPhones, health supplements and simple everyday items like bodywash and lipstick. There was even one shopper who requested a 2-pound bag of chia seeds.

While these items might seem mundane to someone living in the United States, they just aren’t deliverable in certain countries. If you’ve never traveled to Asia before, and even if you have, take it as a learning experience.

3) Be social…on and off your phone

I don’t just update social media because it’s my job; staying connected on the road is one of my favorite ways keep in touch with friends and family back home. Beyond that, though, social is a smart way to gain local insight in a new city. Expats and foreigners overseas are insanely active on social and for good reason. They want to keep up with their favorite sports teams and the like. They are online all the time, which make the world feel like a much smaller, more connected place.

Before arriving in Ho Chi Minh, I didn’t know a ton about the shoppers I’d be meeting…other than the Grabs they ordered. Still, when we finally met in person, it felt like we were old friends. Granted, this might not be the case for every delivery, but it was my experience. A few of the shoppers added me on Facebook while another shopper gave me the best restaurant recommendation of my life. Seriously! Don’t get me wrong—social media is great and all—but in-person connections are better. That’s one aspect of Grabr’s community that really stands out to me.

4) Put on a happy face

As a former expat in Asia, I know first-hand the frustrations that come with not being able to order certain items online. So, when I delivered grabs to users in Ho Chi Minh, they were all smiles. One girl I met said to me, “Oh my god, I can’t believe this company came around. I’m telling all my friends.” Over the next two hours, the other shoppers reacted the same. They were so happy, it was kind of unbelievable. Their energy was contagious and while the items they requested weren’t anything special in my opinion, they obviously were to them.

5) Remember your purpose

The most obvious perk of using Grabr is that you get to earn money while seeing the world. For many, that is literally life changing. There are some destinations like Buenos Aires and Moscow that have enough deliveries to actually fund for your entire flight. That’s usually half the battle and almost always the biggest expense. So, that right there is a huge incentive to use Grabr. I really with something like this existed when I was starting out as a travel blogger because getting paid to travel the world is “a dream job” by anyone’s standards.

On the flip side, Grabr is truly life changing for the shopper. For me, I see this as the real opportunity for using Grabr. Making someone’s day a little easier, no matter how small the impact, is the real reward. When you’re living in a foreign country, Amazon becomes a lot less helpful. In Bangkok, for example, there’s a really limited menu. When I was traveling back home to the states, I literally had to call all my friends to get a list of what they wanted me to bring when I came back. That’s how difficult it is to ship items to Thailand.

The final word? 

Grabr solves a massive problem. As soon as I heard about this, I knew it was a home run. There’s no way this company can fail if it’s marketed the proper way. Do you know how many expats and foreigners live in Bangkok? There’s hundreds of thousands of Americans in Bangkok that are just completed frustrated, so there is a tremendous opportunity there. Personally, I’ve never heard of a company that tries to tackle this problem and actually solve it. I think it’s huge.

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