Here’s How Grabr is Changing the International Shopping Experience

January 9, 2016

Grabr is an innovative, international peer-to-peer delivery service driven by an ever-expanding, world-wide network of shoppers and travelers.

Our mission is to be the most reliable, fastest, and most human delivery service in the world. Travelers get an added sense of adventure, some extra cash, and a chance to meet new people. Buyers get access to goods – even their own forgotten items – that they otherwise couldn’t have. When we achieve our mission, we will disrupt all logistics services with the most efficient form of delivery in the world.

We gladly welcome you to take part in our global product-delivery revolution. Here’s how Grabr makes shopping abroad better for everyone:

Grabr Grants You Access to the World

Have you ever come across something on the internet that you were really excited to purchase, only to find that shipping wasn’t available to your country?

Unfortunately, some brands are restricted by licensing agreements which may prohibit their products from being shipped to certain countries. Most nations have export regulations in place to comply with their respective national security, foreign policy, public safety, and economic objectives. Each country also establishes its own import policies to protect the country’s national interests.

These factors all contribute to countless items being unavailable to potential buyers from outside countries. Grabr has arranged a way to bypass these restrictions, opening up endless shopping opportunities without requiring you to personally venture abroad.

You may request an item from anywhere on Earth from the comfort of your own home and Grabr will help connect you with a Traveler who will bring it to you.

Create an order today for any item, from anywhere! 

Grabr Saves You Money

Not only do merchants face restrictions and heavy paperwork, they may also suffer from high taxation on imports and exports; shipping costs for their products also add up. Merchants who wish to remain profitable are compelled to pass these costs along to you, the consumer.

On top of that, every country sets their own duty and tax rates which vary based on materials, product cost, shipping method, weight, etc. Even if a product is available to be shipped from another country to yours, you may be forced to pay an excessive amount just to receive it. These extra costs may far outweigh the worth of a particular item itself.

With Grabr, you can wave good-bye to senseless shipping fees, intolerable insurance costs, daunting duty charges, and toxic taxes. If there is an item that you wish to have, simply create an order for the item through Grabr to avoid all those atrocious costs. For a small reward fee, a Grabr Traveler will acquire your desired item from any country and deliver it to a mutually arranged location.

In addition to saving on the costs of delivery, you may also save money on the cost of an item itself. Although a particular product may be available in your own country, you may discover it to be drastically less expensive elsewhere. If you elect to get it with Grabr, you’re bound to keep more money in your pocket.

Check out our Grabr shop for inspiration on items you can buy from all over the world, including beauty products, fashion accessories, food & beveragestech gadgets, and even select Star Wars stuff.

Grabr Rewards You for Traveling

Does getting paid to travel sound too good to be true? We can assure you, it is not. If you’re an avid globetrotter, or simply going on vacation, and the idea of making some extra money on your adventure(s) sounds appealing to you, keep reading.

In order for Grabr’s dynamic, user-based delivery system to function optimally, we’re constantly striving to expand our network of Travelers. We are seeking people who are willing to purchase, transport, and deliver requested goods from one country to another.

Once you’ve registered as a Traveler, you may present an “offer” to deliver an item, or several, as long as you have the means to safely bring it to the appropriate destination. The offer is what you expect to be rewarded upon successful delivery of the item. If the buyer accepts your offer, they will then message you to discuss terms and make proper arrangements for the delivery. Once the item is successfully delivered, you receive a refund for the item you purchased and your delivery reward.

As long as you have some available space in your luggage, it’s a win – win situation, as you’re able to help someone in your destination city/country acquire something they desire while also being rewarded monetarily for your service.

Are you ready to get paid for traveling?  Sign up right now to become a Traveler. Then browse our community board to see which buyers’ item requests match up with your travel plans and make the buyer an offer.

Grabr has Changed the Way You Shop, For the Better

By providing an affordable, essential, and innovative service, Grabr is opening up the world’s doors to you, while saving you money and rewarding you for traveling. Whether you are a shopper, a traveler, or both, we invite you to join us as we continue to strive towards accomplishing our revolutionary mission.

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Have questions? Take a look at our helpful FAQ page.

This article was written by Bryant Huether.

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