Grabr’s on Android! Get it on Google Play Today

October 16, 2017

You asked, we delivered! It’s been a long time coming and we are excited to announce the launch of our Grabr Android app! Head to the Google Play store and give it a download.

You’ll see all the features you’re used to seeing on your desktop, but set for mobile. Scroll below to take a sneak peek at how the new app will appear on your phone.

Shoppers will want to head straight to our shop page, where you can request all sorts of items—clothing, gadgets, collectibles and more—from online retailers like Amazon and eBay. You can also take a look at our most popular items that day, like the soon-to-be released iPhone X.

For travelers, you can click on “Make money traveling” and start filtering order requests based on your travel route. Heading to Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro? There are hundreds of grabs to choose from!

While you’re at it, don’t forget about our current promotions. If you deliver 10 or more grabs in one trip, you earn an extra $100 in reward money. You can also earn unlimited rewards by recommending Grabr to your friends and family.

While we’ve been in the iTunes App Store for quite some time, this will be the first time Android users have access to mobile messaging, right from their phones. This will alleviate any communication issues you may have. Make sure to connect with your shopper or traveler before delivery day, so you know when and where to meet in person.

Our app is also a go-to place to keep track of all your pending and delivered orders (for shoppers) and upcoming trips (for travelers). Travelers can also manage their total earnings as well as browse delivery requests on-the-go.

Last but certainly not least, you’ll be able to pay (and get paid) securely. Shoppers, remember that your card isn’t charged for the total order amount until you confirm delivery within the app. Travelers, once delivery is confirmed, expect to see payment in your account in a few days.

Are you an Android user? Download Grabr on Google Play

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