Grabr on the Road: 5 things I Learned on My First Trip to Rio

August 18, 2017

*This post is written by Gardenia, one of our travelers who recently delivered grabs in Rio de Janeiro. 

Beautiful Rio De Janeiro; the capital of panoramic beaches, unlimited coconuts, and delicious streets food for under $5. Anyone who has Rio on their travel bucket list knows this to be true but, there are so many other amazing aspects to this city.

Here are 5 fun facts I learned on my first trip to Rio. 

Rio is a melting pot, and you’ll meet so many interesting people

I have always known that Brazil has beautiful diversity in people however, I was pleasantly surprised to meet a few Chinese, Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese Brazilians. The few I meet said that their families first moved to Brazil during the Cold War, as they saw it as a land of opportunity. It’s nice to see so many different cultures represented here.

Consider the federal police your best friends

Staying safe is something to consider in every place you visit, Rio included. Yes, the city does have crime but the Federal Police are attentive and friendly towards tourists. Despite Rio’s reputation for crime, I felt completely safe walking around the Lapa district late at night.  

Drinking in public is legal

I don’t really drink back in the States, however, knowing I could walk around with a caipirinha-in-hand along the beach was a major plus. The most authentic drink I had in Brazil was the fresh Coconuts which were less than $2. Drinking seems to be part of the culture here, whether you’re drinking a beer or a fresh fruit smoothie. 

Brazilian nightlife is no joke

I suppose with drinking in the streets legal, this is to be expected. I asked a few of my Grabr shoppers where they recommend I go for nightlife and everyone agreed that Lapa is the go-to spot. It’s the city’s historic district and where you’ll find the famous red steps.

My first stop was  a samba club named Bar Da Boa. I must admit, Brazilians are amazing dancers. I was able to pick up a few samba steps while the band played. Brazilian music definitely gets to your bones and I hope other Grabr travelers have this experience. 

PRO TIP: Also explore Lapa during day. It is beautiful, quiet, and colorful.

Don’t be afraid of street food; it’s awesome!

Before arriving to Brazil, I was set on eating at the city’s iconic steakhouses, and I did—Copacabana Palace and Fogo De Chao. Surprisingly, though, I became a fan of street food. I was blown away by the fresh-off-the-boat fish I got from a fisherman who was grilling some on Copacabana beach. Lets just say, I ate a full meal including a coconut and beer for less than $5.

Many of my Grabr shoppers suggested I try some of the street grilled cheeses and empanadas, both of which were amazing, but nothing compared to fish right of the grill. The authenticity of the food and people serving it up made my tummy very happy.

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