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Going Beyond Borders: These Shoppers Got Way More than their Grabs

November 15, 2016

We’ve had some really interesting Grabs requested over the past months—sand from Bora Bora and Rainbow Bagels to name a few—so we reached out to a few of out most seasoned shoppers to find out how their Grabr experience ranks thus far. Here are a few real stories about real travelers shopping the globe with Grabr.

You could meet the love of your life.

Seriously, THIS happened! Phạm Ngọc Phi Long discovered Grabr by chance. “I was scrolling through the iTunes App Store and downloaded a ton of shopping apps. I wanted to buy a helmet on Amazon or eBay but neither service supports shipping to Vietnam. Plus, it’s a large and heavy item, so shipping costs were high,” he explains. Soon enough, Phạm’s new helmet was on its way.

Since Phạm rides on his motorcycle with his then-girlfriend, he decided to gift her the helmet. Fast-forward a few months later, and they are engaged! “We have the same point of view about life and politic in Vietnam society and I don’t know, I just want to take care of her. #swoon!

You might even meet a neighbor…

Juho, who is based in Helsinki, was one of Grabr’s first shoppers. He originally discovered the site from a tech early-adopter community and was impressed by the potential.

As a shopper, Juho has ordered three items not easily found in Finland. That said, there aren’t a ton of travelers heading his way so Juho was surprised when a shopper bid to deliver the reusable produce bags he requested. “They are basically mesh bags but you can’t find this particular company’s product in Finland.”

Oddly enough, his shopper hails from Helsinki, too. Tuomo, the shopper, just happened to be in San Francisco for business and decided to try Grabr after reading about it on the Economist. He was able to pick up the mesh bag before heading back to Finland. The two met up in a local park and realized they live quite close to each other.

You’ll tackle big life changes like a BOSS.

Baby on board! That’s exactly the reason why Juan Munda decided to give Grabr a try. “Grabr is really popular here in Buenos Aires so one of my friends suggested I sign up.” Convenience was a major motivator for Munda and also the price. “Baby items don’t come cheap in Argentina, so my main motivation for using Grabr was to save money.”

Juan didn’t waste any time pre-ordering baby essentials, especially clothing and accessories. He even treated himself to a few a few new items. “I placed orders for some gadgets and electronics, like a keyboard for my desk.”

You’ll get items you can’t get otherwise

Think you can get everything on Amazon? Wrong! Many countries have restrictions on what items are available and sometimes tracking down an item is more trouble than it’s worth. Orlando from Mexico City ordered a book that isn’t available at his local bookstore and was thrilled when a San Francisco-based traveler delivered it to him.

You’ll form a fan club!

Bath-based travel blogger, Penelope, got way more than her traveler reward after delivering Aero bars to Lilit Marcus. Marcus, a New York City-based writer ended up writing about her Grabr experience for Conde Nast Traveler! Penelope was traveling to New York anyway, so bringing along a couple Aero bars was easy.

The two met in New York, immediately hit it off and even traded travel tips. Penelope left with another Instagram follower and a fancy write-up in CNT. All in a day’s work! Cheers for chocolate 🙂

You’ll satisfy your sweet tooth.

Speaking of chocolate, candy bars aren’t the only sweet treats you can order on Grabr; rainbow bagels count, too!

Even though Marge lives in San Francisco, she was eager to get her hands on a couple of Brooklyn’s famous Rainbow Bagels. She placed an order on Grabr and in just a few days, a traveler made a bid. Marge is a foodie at heart (aren’t we all?) and was excited to sample New York’s latest food fad. Thanks to same day delivery, she received her fresh bagels in record time.

You’ll appreciate the little things.

When Scott Eddy boarded his flight to Ho Chi Minh, he had no idea how many new friends he’d meet. Even more surprising was the items many of these shoppers ordered. “Ridiculously small things are requested most, like iPhones, health supplements and simple everyday items like body wash and lipstick. There was even one shopper who requested a 2-pound bag of chia seeds,” notes Eddy.

While these items might seem mundane to someone living in the United States, they just aren’t deliverable in certain countries and in the off-change that they are, the shipping fees might cost more than the item itself.

You’ll discover new “must-haves” around the world

Many of our shoppers sign up to Grabr with a specific item in mind. Maybe it’s a limited-edition watch or a pair of skis (yes, this REALLY happened) that would cost way too much to ship; whatever the item, don’t be surprised if your shopping list grows. With themed collections ranging from hydrating beauty products and new-release gadgets, everything is a grab away.

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