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From the Front Row: What Fashion Capital are You?

September 9, 2016

With New York Fashion Week in full-swing and the lovely Kristin of Living in Color Print curating a very special global street style collection, there’s no better time to channel your inner fashionista. Whether obsessed with runway couture pieces or digging more of a “downtown hipster” vibe, there’s a fashion capital for you.

See what city best suits your street style! 

New York

As a New Yorker myself, I can attest to the Big Apple’s “anything goes” street style. Like many global cities, New York City is a melting pot for cultures and as such, fashion takes many forms. With more than 8 million inhabitants, it’s hard to stand out, so don’t be shy about going a little color crazy.

New York isn’t called the “concrete jungle” for nothing—the city is as gritty as it is glamorous, and you’ll need to dress accordingly. Many locals opt for black for both style and sensibility (white pants on the subway will just get dirty). It’s all about balance. Pair a vintage top with black pants and spice it up with fancy sunnies.


Paris is the epicenter for everything chic. A stroll down the Champs-Élysées can shift from a tourist trap to an unofficial catwalk in the blink of an eye. Unlike New York’s “anything goes” approach, Paris style is more put-together and refined. Locals pair high-end designer duds with ballet flats with an ease that’s enviable.

That said, simple isn’t just safer in Paris—sometimes is’t more stylish, too. You’re likely to see lots of polo shirts paired with tailored pants and leather boots. Men typically prefer slimmer styles, regardless of the fabric (think leather, wool, linen, cashmere and cotton). All in all, Paris style is both minimalistic and magical.


London isn’t all raincoats and riding boots. This city is a lot quirkier than it lets on. It boasts a bit of style from the other three capitals: the boldness of New York, the simplicity of Paris and the experimentation of Milan. Perhaps it’s the gray weather, but Londoners often have a colorful base, whether bold prints or pale pastels.

Supermodel status aside, Kate Moss is a good representative of London fashion—her typical outfit is a blazer, skinny jeans and a white shirt or blouse. Add a pop of color here and there, and you’ve nailed London Street style to a Tee. Spice things up with a leather jacket or heeled boots and you’re ready for a night out.


Milan street style is much more than Armani gowns and suits, although you’ll definitely see plenty of both. Most locals stick to neutrals (black, blue, white or brown) and spice up their outfit with statement jewelry or a chic heel. For women, it may be a eye-catching necklace while men go for hip hats like the fedora.

When it comes to comfort, Milan trendsetters consider both fashion and function. For example, you’ll rarely spot a local sporting shorts in the summer, but rather, women opt for sundresses and/or a classic pair of pants made from a lightweight fabric. As for shoes, leather is the footwear of choice, for both men and women. 

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