Donating to Brazilian kids

Christmas Comes Early at Grabr HQ: Here’s How YOU Can Help a Child in Need

November 15, 2016

Christmas is coming early here at the Grabr Headquarters and in the spirit of giving, we’ve decided to make the holidays a little extra special for the kids in Brazil. So, for every purchase you make on Grabr, now through November 30th, we’ll gift a toy to a Brazilian child in need. It’s a win-win!

While we want children across the globe to receive gifts on Christmas, we decided to partner with a Brazilian charity this year. Both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are big markets for us at Grabr and we want to make sure these families have an extra reason to celebrate the holiday season.

After taking note of many of the items users request from South America—everyday items like bedding, baby clothes and interactive/educational toys for tots, this seemed like the perfect way to “pay it forward.”

We’ll be partnering with Ação Comunitária Sal da Terra in Rio de Janeiro, an orphanage and childcare center for working parents who can’t afford childcare.

Kick off your holiday shopping early so you can receive all your items in time for Christmas. We’ve created a few different collections to get you started.

Come November 30th, we’ll know exactly how many gifts will be on their way to Brazil. Once they’re all packed up and ready to go, a handful of our Travel Squad members will fly straight to Rio to deliver these toys in person. As of now, we plan to gift 100+ children on December 14th and celebrate with them two days later.


Antonia from Brazil 🌎

“I’ll be traveling home to Rio de Janeiro for the holidays anyway so the timing couldn’t be more perfect! There are so many amazing children in Brazil and I’m so happy that I can make them smile.”

Enrique from Spain 🇪🇸

“I’m so ready to give these little heroes a surprise! To see their faces and smiles will be magical. Thanks to Grabr, I’ll be able to make a small difference in the lives of these young kids.”

Lisa from Russia 🇷🇺

“Thanks to Grabr I had a pleasure to visit Brazil this June and I felt in love with this colorful and joyful country. And now I can be a part of something bigger—bring joy to the most important people on Earth—kids, our future and hope.”

Javi from Spain ✈️

“I’m so excited to help pack up these toys for the kids of Brazil!”

Ok, ready to place your order? Head over to Grabr and start buying those Christmas gifts for your friends and family. It’s the best of both worlds; you’ll save money on shipping fees AND help a Brazilian kid (or five!) in need.

Want to gift a toy to a kid in Brazil? Start shopping

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