Buen Día! from Buenos Aires: Our First Argentina Meetup

Buen Día! from Buenos Aires: Our First Argentina Meetup

December 22, 2016

Every month on Grabr, there are thousands of orders placed from Buenos Aires, making it one of our biggest markets. So, we decided to surprise a few of our most loyal shoppers with a rooftop meetup. Salut!

To prep for our special meetup, Lisa and Rachel of our Travel Squad flew to Buenos Aires to kick off the fiesta. Since it’s summertime in Argentina right now, Lisa decided to host the event at Sky Bar, a chic rooftop lounge that boasts pretty views of the skyline.

Hosting a meetup was our way of saying “thank you” to all our users, many of whom have been with us from the very beginning! Not only are they growing our global community, but they’re helping us in our mission to make the world a friendlier, more connected place.

Grabr is not just about shopping and delivery, but about community values, too. Our goal is to not only break down borders between items but to eliminate barriers between people, too. In fact, we’re a pretty global bunch ourselves; our team members hail from four continents!

Like any social gathering, Lisa saw plenty of familiar faces and some new ones, too! “I’ve traveled to Buenos Aires a few times this year to deliver Grabs, so I’ve met many of the shoppers before,” she notes.

In true Grabr fashion, there was lots of food–bruschetta with Jamón Serrano, Provoleta (Argentine pulled-curd Provolone cheese), mini hamburgers, brick oven smoked salmon–you name it!

After all, our founders, Daria and Artem, came up with the idea of Grabr after craving their favorite gazpacho soup from Barcelona and realizing there was no viable way to eat it in San Francisco.

Perhaps the best part of the night was hearing how Grabr is changing the way people shop the globe.

For Alvaro, pictured below, he’s glad he gave us a shot. “I was a bit wary at first, because Grabr is new in the market, but finally I decided to trust it and I don’t regret for it. Trusted travelers like Lisa and Rachel are very nice people and they were in touch at all times keeping me updated about my grabs.”

If you can’t tell from the smile on Lisa’s face, she had a blast. “It was great experience to host the event and finally meet all these people in person, get to know them and their needs better. It felt like a reunion of old school friends.”

All in all, the meetup was better than we could have ever expected and we can’t wait for the next one. Speaking of which, we have several in the works! Over the next few months, we’ll be hosting meetups in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Lima and Moscow.

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