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Bloggers Giving Back: How to Use your Influence for Social Good

September 6, 2016

When you head to Grabr, you’ll see a wide range of items waiting for delivery. Many, like drones and limited-edition designer handbags, are fairly straight-forward while others hint at a much different reality. Grabr reaches people across the globe, and as such, wants and needs vary. We’ve had users request everyday items like toothpaste, lunch boxes, and even a potty training set for kids.

While there’s obviously the perk of earning money to fund your trips with Grabr, it got us thinking about other ways to “pay it forward.” As it turns out, many bloggers are doing just that—using their influence to help the greater good. Here are a few power-house women to keep on your radar.

Rachel Brathen of Yoga Girl and 109 World

If you’re one of Rachel Brathen’s 2 million Instagram followers, you probably already know about 109 World‘s social mission trips. Inspiring the world with her epic yoga poses and wellness guides wasn’t enough for Rachel; she wanted to do something more. 109 partners with social media influencers to create experiences that tackle global challenges around the world. Naturally, there’s often a yoga component and a wellness focus.

No task is to great: they’ve built a water distribution system that now brings clean drinking water to more than 1,400 people, sponsored 4-years of education to young orphans, installed solar panels for hundreds of families and aided victims of natural disasters with reliant nutrition sources.

The bloggers behind Passport with Purpose

Truth be told, there are several amazing women behind Passports with Purpose including bloggers Beth Whitman (formerly) and Katie Aune (currently). The project first launched in 2008 and has been going strong ever since. In short, Passports with a Purpose is an annual travel bloggers’ fundraiser that helps communities around the world.

Through media promotion and donations, Passports with Purpose has been able to do everything from building schools, libraries and villages to educating communities about farm sustainability.

Interested in getting involved? If you have a blog, you’re already set up for success. Some bloggers write about the project while others host giveaways as an extra incentive. If you don’t run a blog, that’s okay too! No donation is too small.

Diana Edelman of d travels ’round

Diana has been one of my favorite bloggers for some time and for good reason. Her passion for elephants really amped up during her travels and instead of moving on to the exotic locale, Diana decided to do something about it. She settled down (at least, for a little) in Chiang Mai for nearly three years and while there, she volunteered full-time for Save Elephant Foundation.

Through her blog, readers like me learned the ins and outs of responsible elephant tourism. Nowadays, Diana is based in Vegas but still continues to spread the word about elephants and fight poaching.

Kelly Lewis of Women’s Travel Fest and Damesly

Kelly isn’t just a member of our Travel Squad, she’s one heck of a female entrepreneur. Her passion for female travel has taken on many forms. She still produces travel guides for women (Go Girl Guides), aimed at empowering women to travel the world both safely and adventurously.

She’s also the brains behind the Women’s Travel Fest, a conference that has hosted some top-tier inspirational speakers in the travel space—Samantha Brown and Kiersten Rich of The Blonde Abroad—to name a few.

Most recently, she launched Damesly, a series of interactive tours led by woman and attended by woman. Each tour includes a stunning backdrop and mastering a new skill like photography or story-telling.

Mickela Mallozzi of Bare Feet

If you’re haven’t heard of Mickela, today is your lucky day! The travel blogger’s most recent venture is a two-time Emmy award-winning TV show that uses dance to tap into local communities. Through travel and dance, she’s able to entertain audiences united in the same passions. It’s part inspiration, part motivation.

While Bare Feet isn’t a charity, that doesn’t make it any less impactful. Dancing has a way of breaking down borders, language barriers and even shyness. Mickela started like most; she blogged about her passions and grew a loyal following. So, when a TV show was in the works, her audience was captivated before the first episode even aired.


Looking for extra ways to “pay it forward” in your life? Many items listed on Grabr are everyday essentials like bedding and hard-to-get medicines. 

Delivering them could really impact someone’s life. Plus, you get to travel!

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