Olga Feoktistova
Olga Feoktistova
Olga is a Grabr contributor.
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10 Must-Have Food Souvenirs from Amsterdam
December 19, 2015
Food is a great way to share memories of one’s travels with loved ones and colleagues back home! Netherlands food may not be as well-known ...
12 Must-Haves from Barcelona
November 19, 2015
If you’re looking for a more tangible way to celebrate your visit to Barcelona, then you’ll want to snag some souvenirs. It’s always better to ...
Smart Travel in Toronto
20 Tips for Smart Travel in Toronto
November 13, 2015
Toronto is the second most expensive city in Canada and is one of the most expensive North American cities to live in. Food and activities ...
Roots toque
10 Must-Haves from Toronto
November 10, 2015
Toronto is a one-of-a-kind city – not only when it comes to people or attractions, but also when it comes to local must-haves. Take a ...
Pretzel croissant
11 Must-have New York Food Souvenirs
November 5, 2015
NYC is well known for a lot of things, and New York food is certainly one of them. This city has no lack in amazing ...
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