Kelly Dunning
Kelly Dunning
Kelly is a Grabr contributor.
Homestays in Vietnam
The 7 Most Amazing Homestays in Vietnam
May 26, 2016
Looking for a more immersive cultural experience on your trip around Vietnam? Giving you a deeper and more meaningful travel experience than a hotel, a ...
Vietnamese coffee
What Every Traveler Must Know Before They Drink Vietnamese Coffee
May 20, 2016
The first time I took a sip of syrupy sweet, ice-cold, powerfully strong Vietnamese coffee, this was my reaction: The caffeine rush flooded my system ...
Vietnam conical hats
9 Fascinating Things To Buy In Vietnam
May 12, 2016
When you head to Vietnam – leave extra room in your suitcase. You are going to need the space so that you can bring back ...
Language barrier
6 Times the Expat Struggle Was So Real
May 8, 2016
Moving abroad can be one of the best decisions you make in your life. Actually living the day to day grind with people of a ...
Travel Pros Share Their Top Tips for Backpacking on a Budget
May 8, 2016
Many people believe that you have to be rich in order to travel the world – but that’s simply not true. Ordinary people with average ...
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