A Guide to the Hidden Local Shops of Boston

October 19, 2015

When you come face to face with a native Bostonian, you can feel the pride that they have for their city. Anyone who has been to this beautiful place can see why. With an intriguing mix of nature, culture, history, and city bustle, Boston is another unique addition to the American city tapestry. While tourist stops are a must for the avid history buff, you know that we at Grabr are always on the hunt for local hidden gems. We scoured the streets of Boston from North End to South End and found 10 shops that will appeal to every traveling fashionista, home decorator, and collector. Add them to your must-stop shop list when you book your trip to this legendary city.

1. Shake the Tree

This little boutique is filled with eccentric goodies. From contemporary clothing and purses to ribbon-tied soap, this shop has the perfect touch of fashion, home decor, and gifts all in one stop. Locals love the jewelry that this shop sells most. Visit during one of their monthly cocktail parties to meet featured designers and see their newest products.

2. Acquire

If you’re looking for an addition to your home that will add a touch of vintage yet still channel contemporary style, this is the shop for you. Get a snuggly throw blanket for the couch, a baroque picture frame, or a bird cage to artistically display that plant you’ve kept alive for so long. Check out Acquire owner and interior designer Nikki Dalrymple’s portfolio.

3. Daniela Corte

For elegance and on-trend additions to your wardrobe, stop by Daniela Corte. This store is filled with stylish yet comfortable clothing that is perfect for a day spent in the office or a night out with the girls. If you want high quality and fashion forward style, this is where you need to go. Be sure to check out their amazing swimsuit line.

4. Bobbles & Lace

The owners of this shop firmly believe that high fashion doesn’t need to come at a high price. Get all of your fashion needs without breaking the bank here. Their fun statement jewelry and unique threads will keep you stylish all year long.

5. M. Flynn 

This is the shop that will satisfy all of your jewelry desires. From casual everyday wear to bridal pieces, this jewelry store is every accessory lover’s dream come true. Grab a new set of earrings for Mom and statement necklace or three for yourself!

6. Hudson

Designer and store owner Jill Goldberg crafts her shop with elegant New England style combined with classic California chill. If you want upscale decor that is still comfortable and homey, this is the store for you. Add a touch of effortless class with one of Hudson’s accent pieces.

7. Holiday

Stay chic during everyday life and for special occasions with this adorable little shop. Boasting local designers and the shop’s very own signature lines, Holiday aims to have you leaving its doors twirling in a dress singing “I feel pretty!” Get in touch with your ultra-feminine side while shopping this store.

8. Michelle Willey

Shop Michelle Willey for elegance, simplicity, and effortless sophistication. From fine dining, bedroom accents, fashion accessories, and more, this store meets all of your high end needs.

9. Flock

Get ready to channel your modern bohemian! This shop is perfect for music festival lovers and flower children. Flowing fabrics, peace signs, and floppy hats make up some of this store’s signature style. Get some inspiration from their Lookbooks.

10. SoWa Vintage Market

While not exactly a local boutique, the SoWa Vintage Market is such a cool Boston staple we had to include it on this shopping list. On the first Sunday of every month. local vendor sell vintage goods like furniture, clothing, jewelry, and everything in between. It’s the upscale flea market that every thrifter will enjoy.

Stay caught up with our blog for the next local shopping guide. Comment below with more of your Boston favorites!

This article was written by Camille Cobbs.

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