9 Products Every French Lover Wants

October 1, 2015

France is known for being one of the most elegant and sophisticated countries in the world. With its mix of wine country, chic city, and food to die for, it is a required destination for all travelers. Booking a trip to this European country is not always possible, but with Grabr, getting its unique local products delivered to your city is now an option. This list of 9 must-haves are the way to bring the best of France home to you.

1. Armand de Brignac Champagne

France is known for its exceptional wine and champagne. Experience some of the best with Armand de Brignac by Champagne Cattier. ($299)

2. Сrème de Salidou Caramel au Beurre Salé

Take your desserts and sweets to the next level with this delectable salted caramel spread. Best matched with biscuits, crêpes and pies. ($4.80)

3. Daranatz Chocolate from Bayonne, France

This French chocolatier specializes in artisan chocolates of all kinds. From light to dark chocolate bars, each filled with flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, and orange, this brand will tantalize your sweet tooth.

4. Les 2 Marmottes Tea Infusions, Fennel, France

Enjoy a rich cup of tea with sweet notes, natural herbs, and a flavor that you won’t easily forget. Each tea has specific natural remedies and health benefits. ($4.80)

5. Montélimar Nougat, France

In France, everyone associates the southern town of Montélimar with nougat, a delicious confection of honey, sugar, egg whites and roasted almonds. ($9.99)

6. Fossier Biscuits de Reims, France

Founded in the heart of the French Champagne region in 1845, Fossier has created the perfect side dish to your flute of bubbly. These lightly sugar-dusted pink cookies are classy and delicious.

7. Rivieras Leisure Shoes, Paris

Here is a simple, comfortable shoe that will complement your casual day wear. An assortment of color schemes provide many wardrobe options ($78.12)

8. Parfums de Rosine, Paris

A long family line has been perfecting the lasting scents of the Parfums de Rosine line. With over 20 perfumes to choose from, they have an ideal signature smell for everyone. ($117.19)

9. Durance Pillow Perfume in Cotton Flower

A perfume uniquely designed for linens, this scent will leave all the rooms in your home smelling cotton fresh. Use it to encourage a natural good night’s sleep. ($9)

Feeling inspired by l’ambiance de France? Get on Grabr today and find a Traveler who can bring home your piece of this amazing country. Stay caught up with our blog for more local items from around the world. 

This article was written by Camille Cobbs.

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