8 Travel Groups to Make your Next Trip Abroad the Best (and Longest) Yet

July 15, 2017

Always dreamed of long term travel but not sure how to make it work? With more and more companies opening up to the concept of remote work and dozens of apps connecting you with jobs on-the-go, it’s easier than ever.  Whether you’re traveling long-term for the first time or looking to earn money to extend your travels, these eight groups will get you where you’re going. 

Nomad Playground – to make money on the road

Dreaming of life as a digital nomad? With a tagline of “earn online, travel forever,” and a mission to make location-independent lifestyles available to everyone, Nomad Playground empowers travelers to extend their trips every time they travel.

As the world’s first and only review site for remote work platforms, Nomad Playground features the best of the best sites to earn money for beginner and experienced digital nomads alike–from People Per Hour and UpWork to Grabr and the elusive “passive income.”

Since this is a community, users are encouraged to leave ratings of the websites they had a good experience with, or vice versa.

Girls Love Travel – for insider tips and an instant community

This all-female community reaches more than 300k+ travelers across their site and social media channels. Their Facebook page is particularly active, with more than 31k women posting daily photos and inspirational stories from the road.

It’s also a safe place to ask burning questions about a particular destination or warn other women of unsafe companies and practices. Women turn to Girls Love Travel for tips on affordable (and safe) housing, as well as advice on how to tap into the local culture of a particular city. The community is pretty tight-knit, so you may even be able to meet up with fellow members on your adventure.

Workfrom – for flexible workspaces

Part of being a digital nomad is working remotely, which means coffee shops, hotel lobbies and anywhere you can get strong wifi. That’s where Workfrom comes in; users can filter the best coffee shops, bars and cowering spaces in a particular city.

WiFi and power are top priorities for freelancers, so think of Workfrom as a curated list of reliable places to work. They’re currently available in 1,250 cities, with more coming in the next couple of months.

Travello – to meet fellow nomads

Not a digital nomad just yet? No problem. Travello is a social network app for all types of travelers, from first time backpackers to seasoned solo travelers and remote freelancers. There are lots of helpful features to connect you with fellow travelers, including interest groups, travel deals and tools for finding locals in your neighborhood.

Their “discover” feature is a good starting point, as it’s a quick way to find travelers nearby or join events in your area. Bonus points if it centers around one of your passions.

Wifi Tribe – to co-live and work

If you’re looking for a more immersive travel experience, consider signing up for Wifi Tribe. The platform connects like-minded, curious professionals around the world, with a focus on co-living and co-working. Each “chapter” lasts about four weeks. This means that they’ll (and you, if you join) will get to experience a new country every month.

This is on the pricier side, with a private room costing $1800 a month and a shared month, $1000 a month, so start placing those delivery offers on Grabr!

Hostelworld – to save money

Hostelworld has been around for years, but it’s still worth a mention, especially if you can’t commit to Wifi Tribe and similar housing models or if you prefer to plan as you go. The community is large, with 33,000 properties spread across 170 countries and over 8 million verified guest reviews.

Since hostels tend to attract a culturally curious backpacker crowd, Hostelworld has become more than just a booking site; it’s an intro to meeting new friends in every city you visit. In fact, many hostels offer free walking tours and other meet-and-greets.

Meetup – to access local events

Meetup is another website you’ve probably heard of but maybe never actually used. Whether you’re visiting Hong Kong or San Francisco, there are dozens (sometimes hundreds) of meetups to choose from in your local area. Filter selections based on your location and interests, and see what pops up.

If you’re new to a city and only visiting for a few days, consider looking for an outdoor excursion like a scenic hike. This way, you’ll meet friends and sightsee at the same time.

DNX Camp – to get inspired

Looking to brush up on your skills or learn something completely new? DNX camps take place all year long, all over the globe. From iconic places like Greece to undiscovered towns around Brazil, you’ll find yourself in the perfect environment to tackle your next big idea. Each “camp” is 10 days and brings together people working on business ideas across all different industries.

The intimate setting bolsters conversation, networking and collaboration on ideas. Plus, there are lots of excursions in between work sessions.

Ready to hit the road? Join our community and earn an average of $350 on your next trip!

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