7 Smart (and Stylish) Ways to Spend your Grabr Bonus

July 6, 2017

With summer in full swing, we’ve rounded up a few ways to make your getaway even more unforgettable. Plus, if you deliver 10 or more grabs on one trip outside of your own country and if one of these grabs is over $50, you earn a cool $100 bonus.

Remember, this bonus is on top of of your traveler rewards, which is usually around $250 and up. 

From private rides to and from the airport to airline lounge access, here are 7 smart (and stylish) ways to spend your bonus.

Splurge on a private ride to and from the airport

Packing is stressful enough, so treat yourself to a private ride to and from the airport. This way, you won’t have to lug your suitcase to the nearest bus or subway stop. On average, an Uber or Lyft costs about $50 each way and even less if you choose to share your ride with fellow passengers or split the fare with your travel buddy.

There are other options out there too, including our partner Wingz. They offer pre-booked, private airport rides minus the surge pricing you sometimes see with Uber and Lyft.

Pay for lounge access

Lounge access can easily put you in a good mood. With plush furnishings, showers, sleep areas and endless food and free-flowing wine, the small fee yields big rewards. Consider spending your earnings on lounge access during a long layover to or from your destination. You can freshen up, stock up on food and even take a power nap.

Some lounges are only for first or business class passengers, while others require membership to a particular membership. The rest, however, are usually open to economy class passengers as long as you pay the daily fee.

Upgrade your coach seat for economy-plus or business

Speaking of economy seats, a $100 bonus can easily bump you up to economy-plus or the airline’s equivalent. This means extra leg room and in most cases, a free meal and/or alcoholic beverages during your flight. If you think about how much you’d spend a-la-carte, the upgrade price is pretty fair.

To get into business or first class, $100 combined with previously earned miles might do the trick. Check with the desk agent to see what’s possible. If you have airline status, you may or may not already be on the upgrade waitlist.

Stay connected with a Skyroam

Planning to work a little on your vacation? No worries! Rather than rely on spotty hotel wifi, stay connected with Skyroam. The cheapest option is to rent a Skyroam for $9.95 a day. However, if you travel often, consider investing in a device of your own, which unlocks $8 daily passes.

Either option gets you unlimited global wifi, a Skyroam hotspot, connects up to 5 devices at one time and requires no sim card changes. For those traveling in a group, this is a super affordable way to get a strong wifi connection at a fraction of the cost of spotty hotel wifi. Plus, it’s so small that it will fit in your pocket or purse.

Upgrade your hotel room

Even though you’ll be exploring the city by day, you still want to have a nice crash pad by night. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can simply get an upgrade by asking. This is more likely during off-season or on days when the hotel isn’t at capacity.

Otherwise, consider upgrading your hotel room for one night or your whole stay. It might mean a bigger room, a better view, or simply free breakfast in the morning. Most upgrades average about $50 per night.

Indulge on a decadent dinner

With all that travel, you’ve worked up quite the appetite. While eating out nightly definitely adds up, there’s nothing wrong with a little decadence now and again. Depending on where in the world you are, you might already be taking advantage of a favorable exchange rate–places like Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Lima and Moscow have pretty good rates for the USD right now.

Budget aside, food is one of the best ways to truly experiences a new culture. You don’t have to go to the most expensive joint in town but your $100 bonus will certainly get you a ton of tapas and several rounds of drinks.

If traveling with friends, this is a great way to kick off or wind down your trip. Your Grabr shoppers have tons of top recommendations, so make sure to ask for their favorites.

Learn something new

There should really be no cap on culture but alas, we all do have budgets to keep. That said, there are several companies that offer curated, expertly-led tours in different cities around the world. Placepass is a good starting point, as is Stride. Both sites have an easy filtering process ideal for discovering new adventures or searching for a particular experience.

Alternatively, tap into the local community in your new city and ask your Grabr shoppers what they recommend. Take a tango class in the streets of Buenos Aires or an architectural photo class in Moscow.

On average, Grabr travelers earn a cool $250 or more on their trips AND, by delivering 10 grabs in one trip, you’re eligible for the $100 bonus. You’ll meet some cool locals, too!

Ready to become a Grabr traveler and earn $100 bonus? Create your account and start placing offers!

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