6 Reasons to Travel with Grabr

6 Ways Grabr is Changing the Lives of Travelers

October 24, 2016

One of the biggest rewards of working at Grabr is enabling travelers to get out there and see the world. As a professional travel blogger, I know first-hand what a unique experience it is to visit far-flung corners of the globe. So, I caught up with six members of our community to find out how their lives have changed (or not) since signing up.

Here are 6 Ways Grabr is Changing the Lives of REAL Travelers

You get to travel half-way around the world…literally!

I’m from Russia and living in San Francisco right now so getting to travel literally half-way around the world was unreal to me. Even though Vietnam is a long-haul flight from the US, flights were surprisingly affordable and with the amount of Grabs I delivered, I was able to almost recoup the cost of my flight entirely. Vietnam is also really affordable so once there, I had very few expenses.

*Lisa traveled to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with Travel Squad and had her entire trip comped! Head to Grabr to find out how you can become a Travel Squad member and travel for free. 

You can recoup the cost of your flight + hotel.

I had never been to Brazil, let alone South America. After seeing how many rewards were available in São Paulo, I jumped at the chance to go. I also love big cities, and rumor had it that São Paulo is like the NYC of Brazil, so I was excited to see what it was all about. It has a great hustle vibe. The city has a lot to offer in terms of architecture, shopping, nightlife, restaurants, and art. The people are kind, outgoing, and smart! I barely scratched the surface with only a few days there; I can’t wait to go back.

I found that Grabr added a lot of authenticity to my travel experience. I delivered a LOT of grabs, and while the process of coordinating with everyone can get hectic, the ability to meet so many locals was worth it. Everyone I delivered to was thrilled to meet me and open to sharing all they knew about their city. And when it’s your first time visiting, that local, insider information is invaluable! They shared with me everything from things to see and places to eat to the best way to get around and how to stay safe.

*Julia traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil and earned just over $1,000 in traveler rewards.

You can have bucket-list worthy travel experiences.

I’ve actually traveled with Grabr a few different times but my trip to Rio was my favorite. I was born and raised there so I was eager to visit my friends and family back home. Living in San Francisco is amazing but nothing quite compares to the comforts of home.

Since the Olympics were taking place during my trip, I decided to spend my earnings on a ticket to the games! I spent $100 for each game and I watched three, so I still had a good chunk of change left over.

*Antonia traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and earned $570 in traveler rewards.

You can travel at a moment’s notice.

When I first moved to San Francisco, I learned about the opportunity of joining Travel Squad and I was immediately intrigued. Having already moved from Spain to the US, I hoped that more travel was in my future. At first, I was a bit nervous about the idea of traveling to an unknown country by I’m so glad I pushed my boundaries and did it.

Despite delivering several different Grabs, I found the process really easy. I delivered all my grabs within three hours of arriving to my hotel. It was amazing to see how Grabr connects people from different backgrounds and countries with only one common point. Best of all, I used my earnings on a flight to Hawaii.

*Enrique traveled to Lima, Peru and earned $325 in traveler rewards. 

You can visit old friends and make new ones!

For me, Grabr is all about the travel opportunities. I have a good friend in Buenos Aires whom I would never get to visit otherwise, so Grabr was a perfect opportunity to go do it. Later, I delivered items to shoppers in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics, another experience I never imagined ticking off my bucketlist.

Once I arrived in BA, I actually found a lot of cool places to visit, many of them unexpected. For example, I never thought visiting a cemetery would be a highlight of my trip, but it was! I also loved wandering through an old theatre that now operates as a massive book store. There’s even a coffee shop inside, on the stage.

*Danil traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina with Travel Squad and had his entire trip comped!

You can pursue your passions + advance your career.

I’m a fashion stylist and am often hitting the road (or the skies!) for photo shoots and trend research. I delivered Grabs to Bangkok and decided to extend my trip to visit Chiang Mai, too. It’s a long flight, so why not? After meeting with all the shoppers, I hit the markets in search of beautiful thai silk for my clients.

Another thing about Thailand that inspired me was the local street style. One woman had the Thai style down to a T: Minnie Mouse T-shirt paired with ripped jeans, white fishnet tights and platform wedge heels rounded out with a chic yet modern hair cut. Among other trends were jumpsuits, florescent colors, wild pattern combinations and fake everything (designer duds).

*Jamie traveled to Bangkok with Travel Squad and had her entire trip comped! 

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