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5 Travel Bloggers you Never Knew Used Grabr

July 19, 2016

In case you didn’t hear the news, we’re up and running! To celebrate our US launch, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite travel bloggers (besides The Blonde Abroad ⬇️) who you never knew used Grabr.

From jet-setting to Buenos Aires and wandering through the markets of Ho Chi Minh to exploring the urban playground of Mexico City, these travel bloggers know the true meaning of #grabrit.

Kelly of Go! Girl Guides

One of my favorite things about traveling to new places is feeling a sense of community and as a solo traveler, that’s not always an easy task. Maybe it’s because I bring badass women together for a living but feeling like a local is important to me. Grabr became a viable means to connect with locals on the ground.

In less than 48 hours, I delivered 26 grabs from New York to 20 different people in Buenos Aires. So, it’s safe to say that I made tons of new friends and smiled plenty. I even met the owner of a bar who invited me to watch the Venezuela vs. Argentina game, which gave me a newfound appreciation for the sport. Being part of the Grabr community not only enabled me to travel to one of my dream destinations, but it allowed me to meet fellow travelers that totally “get” my wanderlust.

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Scott Eddy 

Having lived in Asia for 12 years, I know first hand how difficult it is to gain access to certain products, so Grabr is a real game changer for many people. Items like iPhones, essential medicines and other simple items that we take for granted every day because they are easily purchased in the Unites States, but basically unavailable in other parts of the world.

I used Grabr for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where I delivered 10 grabs to 6 people in a span of two hours. I set up the deliveries in the hotel lobby and banged them out right away. Perhaps the most surprising grab was a 2 pound bag of chia seeds. Again, it’s the most insane, ridiculous little things that you and I take for granted living here in the US that just aren’t deliverable to certain countries. Despite delivering so many grabs in a short timeframe, the process was seamless. I bid for deliveries and once approved, all further communication took place within the app.

I know many expats around the world, but especially in Asia, that will use Grabr to fill the void that has been in their life since they left their home country. I loved being part of the rollout of Grabr, and I can really see that it has a future!

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Christina of Currently Exploring

As a frequent solo traveler, safety and community are two things I am constantly on the hunt for. Before I ever start to research what hotels or eclectic restaurants are in an area, the best photo spots or unique local “musts” to feature on Currently Exploring, I’m reaching out to my friends and communities to see who I can connect with on the ground.

After delivering 20+ Grabs last month in Mexico City and Sao Paulo (two awesomely underserved destinations), I’m excited to say that Grabr has made that process 100x easier! The shoppers are super excited to meet up and share their home with you, it sparks authentic conversation about what it’s like to live there, and it’s always helpful to have a local to get true insights on a neighborhood or destination spot you want to go check out. How else would I have ended up looking at one of the most epic skyline views of Mexico City from the 38th floor of an office building?

They feel safe and secure because their payment isn’t released until I show up with their Grab, and I feel safe and secure because I now have access to insights about where I’m visiting, from someone who actually lives there. (Of course, we always meet up in public.) Win/win!

Megan of Bohemian Trails

Back in 2011 when I started Bohemian Trails, I never dreamed that my blog would ultimately enable me to travel; it was simply something I dreamed could happen. Five years later, I’m excited to see so many people getting that same chance through Grabr. As any budget traveler will know, seeing the world doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but earning extra cash along the way sure helps.

While Grabr can literally be life changing for travelers, the same is true for shoppers. Many countries don’t have access to basic medications and Grabr bridges the gap between wants and needs. So, what might be an “everyday item” for you could easily be something rare to someone else. Seeing shoppers light up when I deliver their goods makes me feel like I’m actually making a difference, however small, in their lives.

Kristin of Living in Color Print

When I quit my 9-5 job in 2012, I knew that I wanted travel to be a big part of my life. Whether it’s freelancing or blogging, I spend my days working at home or on the road and loving every minute of my flexibility. As a fashion-obsessed blogger, I’m continually blown away by the artisan goods, fine fabrics and colorful array of beautiful handmade pieces I find in far flung corners of the globe.

I always like to bring a piece of a destination back home with me and now, with Grabr, my readers can too! I’m using Grabr on my current trip to Greece because there are so many talented local designers whose creations people will love. So far I’ve discovered some amazing tassel earrings from Mykonos, customizable leather sandals from Naxos and handcrafted tunics from Santorini. All of which are not only special reminders of places traveled, but are on trend and can easily be worked into my spring/summer wardrobe!

Want to be a Grabr traveler like these five pros? Join our global community today! 

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