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5 Creative Ways You Should Be Using Grabr

November 3, 2015

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard all about Grabr and how much people are loving it: see something you love, place an order on Grabr, and a Traveler heading to your city can bring that item to you! An added perk, frequent travelers get to make some extra cash along the way. What’s better is that you can do even more than using Grabr as a simple, peer-to-peer delivery system. Check out these 5 creative ways that you can put our app to use!

1. Make Money While You Travel

Think about it: we’ll all travel somewhere at some point in our lives. Despite the many smart travel lists we provide for you guys, seeing the world, or even just visiting Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas, can be quite an expensive goal. Make sure that the next time you book a trip, you leave some room in that suitcase to deliver some Grabs! Some people are offering $25 and more as a Traveler delivery fee for small items like wallets and cameras. Grab 5 of these items and make $125, just like that. Totally worth it.

2. Black Friday and Other Shopping Events

Have you always wanted to raid a Black Friday shopping event but live in a different country? Wish you could get that Michael Kors purse for 50% off but don’t feel like waiting in line? Get a Traveler on the job! You can use Grabr to find someone who is traveling from the US after Black Friday, willing to hit up that amazing warehouse sale, lives near that mall with all the great prices, and more. You should probably treat them to lunch if they end up trampled by crazy shoppers.

3. Cooking

A couple of years ago, I spent the summer in the lovely city of Prague. While the food was absolutely amazing, I still found myself craving an authentic, hearty American breakfast. Prague just doesn’t do breakfast the way we do breakfast. I wanted fluffy, warm, melt-in-your-mouth pancakes smothered in thick maple syrup with a side of breakfast sausage and eggs scrambled with too much butter. Unfortunately, Prague didn’t have the brands or ingredients that we have here, so I couldn’t make my breakfast dreams come true until I set foot back on American soil. With Grabr, you don’t have to suffer as I did. Those amazing, local foods and ingredients that you miss from home can now be hand-delivered to you. Time to impress new friends with your homestyle cooking!

4. Gift Giving

While receiving a package in the mail is always fun, sometimes giving a gift should be a little more special. This is where Grabr comes in. Perhaps your girlfriend is working in New York City for 6 months and you want to remind her how much you love her. Aww, how sweet! Instead of shipping her a box of chocolates that will be a melted mess by the time they arrive, have a Traveler bring some fresh chocolate to her office. If you pay him enough, maybe he’ll read that corny poem you wrote in her honor.

5. Great Shopping Deals

This one is for our fashionistas who love scoring a good deal. Let’s create a scenario. As of November 2015, Kate Spade New York sells their cameron street mega margot handbag in the United States for $398 with guaranteed free shipping. In the UK, the same purse sells for £358.00, the equivalent of $522 in the US! And there is a chance you’ll pay for shipping on top of that! WHOA! Kind of insane! Instead of breaking the bank, a UK resident could have one of Grabr’s Travelers from the US bring the purse over, and even if they pay the Traveler a $100 delivery fee, they would still save money.

Are you ready to place an order? I sure am! For some inspiration, check out 8 London Beauty Products Every Makeup Lover Needs, 11 Must-Have Food Souvenirs from Boston, and 9 Products Every French Lover Wants for cool items you can order on Grabr! Comment below and tell us what you’re excited to use Grabr for.

This article was written by Camille Cobbs.

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