15 Decadent Chocolate Shops Around the World

October 31, 2015

While it comes in many forms – from bars, truffles, and melted goodness – chocolate is a rich treat that is perfect for sharing with a loved one or savoring on your own. From sweet and creamy milk chocolate to defined and powerful dark chocolate, this decadent dessert is perfect for holidays or everyday joy. These tiny chocolate shops have taken a complex art form and created delicious flavors. From royal confectioners in Paris to experimental candy-makers in Vancouver, you’ll have to pop into their stores in order to sample their amazing chocolates.

1. Poco Dolce

Poco Dolce started by Kathy Wiley in San Francisco as a little baking company, but she soon found her forte in chocolate-making. Her simple flavors are made from fresh and all-natural ingredients. Her bonbons and caramels are famous in the Bay Area, but you have to try the dark chocolate tiles sprinkled with grey sea salt.

2. Dandelion Chocolate 

Dandelion Chocolates is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the heart of the Mission District in San Francisco. Although they originally started off by playing with the cacao plants in their apartments, they soon expanded to make all of their fine chocolate bars from scratch! They do sell some of their amazing chocolate bars online, but you have to duck into their only store and factory to sample special flavors and rich hot cocoa.

3. Jacques Torres Chocolate

With ten locations, there is no excuse to miss out on Jacques Torres Chocolate. This well-known chocolatier started off with a literal pop-up store that is still in Brooklyn today! After a quick open while his original store was still being built, Jacques Torres quickly made a name for himself. His chocolate play with delicious flavors as well as with scandalous themes. Get your loved one a naughty bouquet of chocolates.

4. EHChocolatier 

As winners of the Best of Boston in 2015 and 2014, you cannot miss a visit to EHChocolatier. These lovely little bites of chocolate take familiar candies and give them an artisanal spin. Each candy is made from fresh, all-natural ingredients in small batches to guarantee quality taste.

5. Evelyn & Angel’s 

This exquisite store is the perfect place to grab a quick cup of coffee and a delicious bite of artisanal chocolate. Voted one of the best chocolate makers in Boston, you can find an assortment of gem-like chocolates alongside French Macaroons and roasted nuts.

6. Mink Chocolates

Founded in 1918, this family-owned chocolate factory has three generations of experience in making fine candies. A dedicated portion of proceeds from Mink’s chocolate bars, bonbons, and holiday specials are donated to various charitable organizations throughout Vancouver.

7. chocolaTas

These award-wining chocolatiers have turned over the idea of traditional chocolate truffles by playing with interesting ingredients like pepper and mango, tomato and basil, or caramel paired with sea salt and rosemary. Their colorful candies and lovely packaging makes each bite a treat for both your eyes and taste buds.

8. Soma Chocolate

The famous dark chocolate at Soma is not for the faint of taste! These powerful bean-to-bar chocolate bars are rich and decadent. Pair a small bite of their famed bars with their house-made gelato, cookies, or piping warm hot chocolate.

9. Rabot 1745

Rabot 1745 is a unique bar and restaurant with with an impressive and inventive cocoa cocktail menu. Pair that with their Caribbean-inspired cocoa-centric dinner menu for a unique dining opportunity. Don’t forget to grab yourself one of their famed boxed chocolate sets in order to relieve the experience after your travels.

10. Debauve et Gallais

This famous chocolate storefront has been been making and perfecting their chocolate since the 1819. Debauve et Gallais was even the official chocolate supplier to multiple generations of the French royal family. Their iconic blue and gold-embossed boxes are filled with the same decadent dark chocolate that graced the royal courts of Paris.

11. Pierre Herme

Unlike storied Debauve et Gallais, Pierre Hermes is a modern and youthful take on sweets. His famed macarons sit displayed alongside crystalline candied fruits and rich chocolates. The staff is kind and generous with their samples, which means that you can satisfy your biggest sweet-tooth before walking away with a box of French truffles.

12. Ritter Sport

Although Ritter Sport is an internationally sold brand, their flagship store in Berlin is a colorful, must-see sight! This rainbow-colored two level store showcases every flavor made by Ritter Sport as well as a make-your-own-candy-bar station. Grab rare flavors that are only available in certain markets before you head back home.

13. Sawade Berlin

Historic Sawade Berlin is another must-stop sight that you have to see in Germany’s cultural capital. These chocolates, truffles, and special treats are still painstakingly and lovingly made by hand. Each purchase is packed away in signature boxes decorated with drawings of Berlin’s famous landmarks.

14. Fargas

A flavor rival to their French and German competitors, Fargas is a vintage chocolate shop in beautiful Barcelona. This old-school brand still makes their chocolates on site using their original cocoa grinding wheel. The rich smell of fresh cocoa powder mingling with the beautiful sight of chocolates will make you want to stay forever. Be sure to sample their cava bonbons before anything else!

15. Cacao Sampaka

Chocolate meets art in our final chocolate shop, Cacao Sampaka draws from both fresh, quality ingredients and powerful storytelling to make unique chocolates. Their bars and truffles are organized by origin and depth, while each flavor has a unique history behind its conception and creation. Try the childhood-inspired fruits and jam collection for a sweet start.

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