12 Cafes Around the World Coffee Lovers Should Visit

November 5, 2015

The majority of the world today runs on some form of coffee – so that means there are a lot of coffee lovers! From the perfect, foamy caramel latte to a large cup of joe with no sugar or cream, we value a perfectly brewed coffee beverage and usually need one before we can be fully functional at work. From the city of Paris, where sitting and savoring every sip of the drink is a way of life, to bustling New York where people have to-go cups on the subway, coffee has become a life staple for coffee lovers everywhere.

 If you have to have it, you might as well have the best – so we scoured the world and found 12 of the best independent coffee shops around. Visit them during your next trip or get on Grabr and place an order for some delicious, locally brewed beans. 

1. Two for Joy Cafe – Amsterdam

This cafe roasts its own specialty espresso blend and many other single origin top quality beans from all continents. Perfect for coffee lovers! They believe in simple roasting, making sure to choose quality beans with flavor that speaks for itself naturally.

2. Nomad Coffee – Barcelona

For those looking to start a career in the coffee field, Nomad is a great cafe to swing by. In the mornings, they operate as a normal cafe, but with a raw coffee experience in mind – you won’t find pastries or sugar. In the afternoon, go in for a training session with World Cup Tasters finalist Kim Ossenblok.

3. Bonanza Coffee Heroes – Berlin

If you are a coffee lover, you’ll find people who share your passion here. This coffee shop raises their coffee from the ground up, tracking the hands that pick it, store it, and ship it. By the time it reaches the shop, these pros are ready to roast the beans with the cleanest and purest techniques.

4. Mystic Coffee Roaster – Boston

A local spot for artists, this cafe can satisfy all of your beverage cravings, from an espresso shot with well-balanced sweetness and bite to an iced caramel mocha topped with whipped cream. Sit and enjoy the displays of art posted around the cafe or grab a bag of delicious beans to brew at home.

5. Workshop Coffee Co. – London

A place for discerning coffee drinkers and foodies alike, Workshop Coffee is a must-stop shop in London for coffee lovers. Not only do they roast and brew some of the city’s most popular coffee, but they also have a full menu and serve beer and wine. You could realistically spend an entire day here.

6. G and B Coffee – Los Angeles

Founded by Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski (a.k.a G and B) these coffee connoisseurs aim to bring the best of world’s coffee to the cups and mugs of downtown LA coffee lovers. When choosing a coffee bean to feature, these owners rely solely on their tastebuds, so you know you’ll end up with some delicious coffee when you swing by their 360 counter in Grand Central Market.

7. Birch Coffee – New York City

At Birch coffee, they advertise that baristas don’t work at their cafe – they do what they love. If you’re looking for a cafe with a friendly, communal atmosphere coupled with a perfect coffee beverage, this is the NYC spot for you. Take home their locally brewed beans for the coffee snob in your life.

8. Coutume Cafe – Paris

One of the first specialty cafes to open on the Left Bank, this spot values high-quality coffee and service. The baristas are well trained, the brunch menu is to die for, and the atmosphere is classic Paris. Try their monthly special drink, like a cold brew mixed with in-house made cola syrup.

9. Blue Bottle Coffee – San Francisco

If you ask a local where to get a good cup of coffee, they are most likely to look at you funny and respond, “Blue Bottle, obviously.” A Bay Area staple, this coffee is sold in the local Blue Bottle cafes and at many other locally owned eateries, like The Station SF. Try their signature drink, the NOLA iced coffee.

10. Dineen Coffee Co. – Toronto

While new to the Toronto coffee scene, these coffee lovers have quickly risen to a spot on the local favorites list. Opening its doors in 2013, Dineen coffee has a reputation for their signature Temperance and Feature blends. Located in a historical building with modern touches, it’s the perfect spot to get a little bit of work done while on vacation.

11. The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co. – Vancouver

Located at the entrance of the University of British Columbia, this coffee shop is a hotspot for students and professionals. With strong ties in the community and a reputation for supporting local artists, this is a must-visit spot for the cafe lover. Their Fair Trade Certified coffee is guaranteed to give you one good cup of joe.

12. Qualia Coffee – Washington DC

Not only can you come to this cafe and experience a delicious coffee beverage, but they also allow customers to enter the roasting room to see the process! A must-see for coffee lovers, you get to witness the science that goes into roasting the perfect bean. Enjoy a latte as you watch the beans expand and brown.

Craving coffee yet? Make sure these premiere coffee shops are on your visit list when you travel to these cities!

Not traveling soon? Get on Grabr and have a Traveler bring coffee beans home to you from one of these cafes.

This article was written by Camille Cobbs.

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