10 Trendy Travel Apps to Download Before Your Next Adventure Abroad

February 18, 2016

There’s certainly no shortage of apps available at our fingertips, primed and eager to be added [almost] instantly to our intelligent, hand-held devices. Sifting through the ever-expanding Android and Apple cosmos to discover adept travel apps that exhibit a robust blend of high-quality substance with user-friendly functionality, however, can be downright daunting. 

That being said, we’ve gone out and done some of the dirty work for you, assembling a list of 10 up-and-coming, travel apps that you may not have known you needed – until now. In alphabetical order, here are ten trendy travel apps you should download if you’re seeking a bit of inspiration or desire to enhance your future travels:

1. Duolingo

If you wish to travel to a country whose inhabitants’ native tongue differs from your own, download Duolingo (free for Apple and Android), and you’ll be on your way to more effectively communicating with the locals once you arrive. One of the most popular and painless language-instructing tools available, Dueling is a travel app that will help you learn a new tongue, without costing you a penny in the process.

2. Gogobot

Images from Gogobot’s Apple App Page

Utilizing a clear-cut, organized display of relevant info, Gogobot claims you’ll “find the best places to eat, sleep or play, based on tips from people like you.” Select from various “tribes” – such as Adventure Travlers, Foodies, and Nightlife Lovers – which you can join to discover what’s trending or recommended by people who share your interests. Gogobot’s free app is available for both Android and Apple.

3. Grabr

Want to pocket some extra money on your next trip abroad? Join Grabr, for free, and you could get paid on your future travels. Powered by a global community of shoppers and travelers, Grabr’s peer-to-peer delivery service provides a platform for people desiring hard-to-find goods from around the world, then rewards those who deliver them. Currently Grabr’s travel app is available exclusively for Apple devices.

4. Guiddoo

<i>Images from Guiddo's Apple App Page</i>

Images from Guiddo’s Apple App Page
Guiddoo grants an array of travel and audio guides for cities around the global, which can be accessed offline and translated to your preferred language. You can also book tours and activities with the top tour operators in each city. Guiddoo utilizes Google Maps for navigation and features a convenient currency converter. Add this travel app to your Apple or Android arsenal, and start exploring with Guiddoo.

5. LiveTrekker

<i>Screenshot from LiveTrekker</i>

Screenshot from LiveTrekker
Traditional journaling can fall short of fully capturing and preserving the memories of your travels. With LiveTrekker, you can create an immersive, interactive, multimedia map showcasing each travel experience. The resourceful app records the exact route you journeyed (throughout a city, for instance), then lets you add audio, photos, text and video to specific locations along your path. Get going now with this free travel app, compatible with Android and Apple devices alike.

6. Mobile Passport

<i>Image from Mobile Passport App's webpage</i>

Image from Mobile Passport App’s webpage
The Mobile Passport travel app allows you to bypass the Custom and Border Protection (CBP) line at several international airports within the US (indicated in the image above), eliminating the hassle of filling out pesky paper forms. App users are eligible to utilize the “Mobile Passport Control” express lane at participating airports. You can get this free travel app from Apple or Google Play.

7. Rome2rio

<i>Images from Rome2rio's Apple App page</i>

Images from Rome2rio’s Apple App page
Not sure of the best method to get from Point A to Point B? Rome2rio is ready to help you get on your way with its extensive database featuring thousands of transport operators and routes. Just enter your origin and destination and Rome2rio will present you with estimated times and fares for bus, train, ferry, plane and driving options. Download the iPhone app here. If you’re using an iPad or Android device, Rome2rio’s site provides mobile-compatible access.

8. Spinlister

<i>Images from Spinlister's Apple App page</i>

Images from Spinlister’s Apple App page
Spinlister is a peer-to-peer rental network, akin to Airbnb, but for bicycles. You can also rent or rent out skis, snowboards, and surfboards. It’s a great way for owners to make some money and meet people, while providing a significant service to those of you who aren’t able to bring along your own bikes or boards on your travels. Get rolling now with this travel app for Android or Apple.

9. Trover

<i>Screenshot of Trover's home page</i>

Screenshot of Trover’s home page
Trover is a community of world travelers who share photos of locales throughout the world to inspire fellow users with vivid, visual recommendations. Photos are geo-tagged so you can see what particular places actually appear like prior to deciding whether they’d be worthy inclusions to your itinerary. Trover offers their free travel app through Apple’s App Store as well as Google Play.

10. Vurb

<i>Image from Vurb's Press webpage</i>

Image from Vurb’s Press webpage
Stop dealing with the obnoxious hassle of switching back and forth between numerous travel apps when trying to orchestrate plans. With Vurb, you can use an assortment of apps to scan reviews, make reservations, buy tickets, play music, or even hire rides on Uber or Lyft – all within the app. Vurb is available for free on Amazon, Android and Apple platforms, and is compatible with Apple Watch.

Have you used any of these trendy apps? Did we leave out your favorite travel-related smart tools? Start a conversation with us in the comment section below!

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This article was written by Bryant Huether.

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