10 Record Stores You Shouldn’t Miss While Visiting Berlin

July 23, 2015

In an age where everything is going viral and digital, it seems that when it comes to music, there is a new need over the past couple of years for the more physical format. Some buy records for the sake of collecting art; some are looking for a specific sound of the record. Not surprisingly, record industry has made a growth of almost 200% over the past two years.

Are you ready to seek these records out in-between meals? Here’s our list of the top ten record stores you should go to while visiting Berlin!

1. OYE Records

Two record shops in one, the bigger one located in the nice Prenzlauer Berg area. It holds a wide range of styles between old and new records that spread around three rooms. Although this store holds a big selection of house and disco, other genres are represented as well from jazz to hip hop. Always welcoming and great recommendation by the crew.

Oderberger Str. 4, 10435 Berlin

The other branch, smaller but offering quality and great service, is located in Friedelstraße 49, 12047 Berlin

2. Space Hall

Being one of the most popular and biggest record shops in the city, it is certainly worth a stop while visiting Berlin.. It hold a big selection of new and second hand records from all genres as the largest selection is dedicated to techno but has a big selection of alternative and pop music as well in the front side of the shop.

Zossener Str. 33, 10961 Berlin

3. Rotation Records

Located in Mitte, it has a very welcoming atmosphere. Nice and concentrated selection of records from techno to disco, it is not just but a records shop but also a boutique with a collection from independent fashion designers.

Weinbergsweg 3, 10119 Berlin

4. Audio-In

A second hand record shop located in Friedrichshain. A very nice selection of records, it holds a lot of genres from house to new beat records. Fair prices and a great bargain corner.

Libauer Str. 19, 10245 Berlin

5. Mitte Musik

Located just on the same street as Audio-In, it focuses mainly on techno, house and minimal. Large and great collection of records. Highly recommended while visiting Berlin!

Libauer Str. 6, 10245 Berlin

6. Power Park Records

Located in Friedrichshain, this medium sized shop holds a collection ranging from hi-energy to hiphop. Mostly second-hand apart for some re-issues.

Boxhagener Str. 19, 10245 Berlin

7. The Store X Phonica

Inside the trendy Soho House concept store, this corner holds a very nice selection of records from new records that needs to be in everyone’s record bag to music you can listen to at your home.

Tor Str. 1, 10119 Berlin

8. Wowsville

When looking from the outside, this store looks like a regular old bar to grab a beer. But if you look closely, you will find at the back a small record shop dedicated to rock’n’roll, soul , jazz , funk and some crazy 45’s. And you can drink beer while searching records!

Ohlauer Str. 33, 10999 Berlin

9. Record Store

Oddly, there’s no name on the door for this one but if you are walking on Wienerstrasse to Gorlitzer Park, you will find this small low key record store. All second hand from jazz to new wave and obscure world music. Highly recomended!

10. Just because it seems there are too many record shops in Berlin, you should look out for another three:

Gordon Cafe: Aller Str. 11, 12049 Berlin

Hardwax: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A, 10999 Berlin

Coast to Coast: Danziger Str. 21, 10435 Berlin

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This article was written by Ady Toledano.

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