10 Amazing Travel Bloggers With Stunning Photos of The World

October 6, 2015

Planning a journey through the world can be as fun as exploring a brand new place and culture. When you’re unsure of what to expect on your next journey, turn to expert travelers for advice. In addition to to our 30 favorite travel Instagrams, we’ve traced down ten travel blogs dedicated to showcasing the best in in nature, wildlife, and travel pictures. Their stunning images will inspire you to go on that next wild adventure.

1. This Wild Idea

Theron Humphrey is slowly traveling throughout the Continental USA. His travel blog is a visual diary of the female motorists that he come across. You can experience the thrill of traveling on all of the old roads in the United States through his photography website.

2. These Foreign Lands

These Foreign Lands is a collection of travel photos, destination recommendations, and personal recollections of hidden locales. If you’re longing to travel but don’t know what type of country you’d like to visit next, you can explore over 30 countries on this travel blog.

3. Inspiring Travellers

This collaboration of travelers is a visual journey throughout the world. From local destinations to the meals that are regionally exclusive, the incredible travel photography that is showcased on this site will make you long to plan your next vacation.

4. Travel Boldly

Nature photography has a bold new home with travelers and bloggers. Jerome Shaw showcases his love of the camera on his popular travel blog, Travel Boldly. His original love for photography started in the rural farm life of the US and continues to be showcased on his blog.

5. Aviators and a Camera

A full-time photographer who likes to experiment with digital technologies, Kirsten Alana currently showcases her home of New York City. In addition to photos of city life, you can also find traces of her nomadic personality in her travel photography.

6. Tuula Vintage

Tuula Vintage is the visual diary of Jessica Stein, tracing her adventures throughout the world through beautifully stylized travel photos. Her travel and shopping blog features countries throughout most of the continents.

7. Expert Vagabond

Whether you’re a novice looking for travel tips, entertaining stories for global wanderers, or beautiful adventure photography. You’ll be able to trek through the Frozen Arctic tundra or ride on an elephant simply by looking through this travel blog.

8. The Blonde Gypsy

The solo female behind this travel blog describes her site as a “collision of travel, photography, and culture.” In addition to stunning nature photography, you can find a healthy collection of travel advice articles and music reviews.

9. Just Travelous

Yvonne is the German mind behind this inspirational travel website. Her personal travel diary is her way of sharing her marvelous adventures with all of her faithful readers. She shares her worldly travels with everyone.

10. A Girl Who Travels

A former office worker, Marta of A Girl Who Travels left behind her job within four walls in order to travel solo through South and Southeast Asia. Since then, she’s followed her love of travel in order to see the rest of the world. You can trace her solo adventures through her travel photography.

Is there a photo blog that inspires your love of travel? Let us know about it in the comments or on our social media!

This article was written by Gabriela Barcenas.

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